Rosen Garten Saga

What the hell is going on with this japanese dude... female?

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this manga is a fucking trip

looks like typical bullshit as forget this is the island that praises a BLOOD brother sister relationship

>there won't be any doujin about old man knocking her up in front of everyone
It's not fair.

what is this thing? a doppleganger?

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It's a gender-bending and trap manga for fags., pussies and trannies.
Why do you even ask stupid question?


And, for one gladly get on board this trip.

Seriously, the combo of trashy ecchi humor and genuine shonen cool works surprisingly well. It’s so balls-to-the-wall ridiculous it loops back into genius.

You mean shrooms, makes it much more enjoyable.

There's characters with daddy issues, and then there's this guy.

Can't believe I've never read this before, absolute kino.

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Beowulf is the best character in this whole manga! (Siegfried too desu)

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Blood brother sister relationships should be encouraged, newfag.

snek pussy

Even king slanteye wasn't safe

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i'm just here for the brown tomboy is going on with this series

>old man
it will be the great beowulf and you will love it.

The series is going to blueball us on the Lynn/Brunhilde sex scene, isn't it?

Hagen will transform Lynn into notSieg so don't worry.

Don't forget the surprisingly deep cuts on mythological references. Whoever writes this is a fucking scholar that also happens to be a great artist and writer. This is a manga that would be objectively good even without all of the perverted stuff and dick jokes in it, and with that thrown on top of it all you end up with something really special.