Dragon Ball Super

Are (you) satisfied with the direction the series is headed in?

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spopoCHAD would kill SHITren.

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db hasn't been good since namek saga

Shut your WHORE mouth, BITCH.

Our heroes

db was never good until Jiren showed up

>Jiren appears in the first page of OG


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Kek, who else remembers when goku said this in the manga?

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>Are (you) satisfied with the direction the series is headed in?


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You mean cell saga

>plotholes the arc

Bardock would fucking NEVER say this.


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We Filipino Believe Cell saga is the peak of Dragonball

Goddamn we are Right

Who cares about plotholes? I saw it when I was a kid and I self inserted as gohan therefore it's the best arc.

Yes it is cell saga is the peak

So cry zoomer

>who cares about consistencies
yeah, you're a gohan fan alright

>*Reads Superman* This is going in the manga! *Raughs*

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>He doesn't like what I like therefore he's a zoomer

We Filipino always talk about cell saga during that time after that nahhh

Zoomers are the ones that put cell saga so high up on a pedestal because of TFS.


why do you guys like basketball so much despite not being good at it

>likes martial arts manga despite not being good at it

Hi! Goku here reminding everyone to keep it PG-13! See ya later!

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Toriyama showed his writing is crap during the end of cell arc

Hi! Goku here reminding everyone to rape and kill without remorse! Buh-bye!

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Why do you acting like you are the one who created Dragonball

We're the kings of fighting

Actually yes. Its better than Heroes or most non canon media out there.


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This is what Goku would say.

This is NOT what Goku would say.

No it's not zoomer(20-25) ruined everything they touch act like they are wise

How do you guys feel about Super Saiyan 3?

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In cell saga Every character have a time to shine tenshinhan,yancha,krilin,future trunks,piccolo,gokou,vegeta,Gohan and Android 16

Top that

bad writing =/= good arc

Stupid. Every Saiyan transformation past SSJ1 is shit.

The bad writing is the entire db super

Why are you even here?

Fucking based, Goku really is Gigachad personified, isn't he?
>doesn't know anything about space or physics in general
>becomes the strongest being in the universe anyway

No fap is a meme spread by foreign agents to make men sexually frustrated and therefore unable to make good decisions. Rub one immediately and clear the sense of uneasiness you're experiecing.

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No. Orange Piccolo and Beast Gohan are both awful, and the manga has been consistently boring for far too long. is also pretty bad, but Bardock was always a terrible idea and I don't know why Toriyama felt compelled to reference him in the manga at all, let alone do it again with Minus and Super.

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Dragonball z
-saiyan saga
-frieza saga
-cell saga

Buu saga