Which is the zenith of asspullery in your opinion?

Which is the zenith of asspullery in your opinion?

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Hawlucha breaking Trick Room with X-Scissor was worse honestly.

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>Gardevoir KO's Scizor with moonblast.webm

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oh my ninja arts


I know it's fanzine shit and therefore not canon in any form but this shit is so hilariously over the top I wouldn't mind if they introduced a similar mechanic to the games

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Anything Sharingan related.


>successfully reset
>"lolno you're dead buddy. Jotaro actually stopped you."

Jojo is full of asspulls, but that one singlehandedly made me quit on the spot.

This one always bugs me

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Pack it up, gents

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>hilariously over the top
It's really not. You're just buying into muh sacred mechanics too much when this is just a story. If the writers want Superman to lose his weakness to Kryptonite,he will.

Either my pic or Kira Yamatos "deaths" in Gundam SEED. It's both like the writers put themselves in a corner and iinstead of just going wiith the obvious outcome(especially with all the detail given to it) they just chose to pursue something that isn't an option and damn the consequences. Funny how both of these involve a person named Kira by the way,cursed name

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if you think, "yes my name is yoshikage kira", is an asspull then you are a retarded plebbitor and should go back

sun god nika
its so funny watching wanpisspics coping and doing mental gymnastics trying to defend it

It's a massive asspull because he knows exactly how it works and literally has a scheme that only he can fuck up or it goes perfectly. So for the heroes to have an out he naturally just fucks it up himself. It's a pretty goddamn extreme asspull. Especially coming from a character like Kira who knew and constantly did care to cover his tracks.

what was so bad about this? it was a logical extension of his rubber powers

SEED takes the cake for me. At least shit like o my rubber nen make some attempt at explaining how it happened instead of just going.
>lol he didn't die just because
I can't even think of another writer that has the audacity to so blatantly kill multiple characters and then bring them back with literally 0 explanation.

It's not Gear 5 itself. It's the fruit retcon.

weak bait, nonetheless... you're bound to catch a few.

Kira’s entire stick is confidence retard. He literally even states that He knows he will win any fight despite not even having any experience fighting other stand users in his first introduction. Him getting overconfident and attributing his luck to being him is just a natural extension of that.

The Black Dogs in Berserk. It's not the worst asspull or anything, but I don't see anyone mentioning it in these threads.

Physically breaking what is depicted as a barrier is an acceptable break from game mechanics as opposed to whatever they were smoking with Thunder Armor.

her entire character

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