Are you down for a Season 2?

Are you down for a Season 2?

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If this girl is less of a fucking obnoxious moron then maybe i'll watch it, i almost sided with the furry white girl antagonist in the first season solely because of how right she was about the protagonist being a fucking idiot.


r u


Just redo season one and make it longer this time.


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There was a lot to like about this series, even if it fell apart towards the end. One things for sure though, any S2 would not have as great of an ED as S1:

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only if she actually plays basketball

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Those shorts are too lewd

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No, I want more Ninja Slayer.

I want to have anal sex with the raccoon lady

I too vaginally w children.

So many characters in this show were fucking awful, I genuinely can't remember a single likeable character except maybe the dolphin