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Pirate Empress capable of one-shotting a Yonkou. Bow down to Queen Hancock

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"What was the purpose of Yamato?"
Well, let's discuss facts.

Fact: Oda didn't forget Carrot.
Many think he did, but he drew a specific scene with her, in the same chapter the SH left their goodbyes to their beloved companions and Yamato.

Fact: Carrot isn't insignificant enough to not deserve goodbyes.
Carrot travelled with the SH for +200 Chapters. In global popularity poll, she made the Top 10. She was important enough to be made Zou's leader, a country so intimately tied with Wano and the lore of JoyBoy. If she was insignificant, Oda wouldn't have given her a scene where the Dukes appoint her a leader, instead he'd have given us a cover story showing her as the new Duchess.

Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Oda went out of his way to show us crew interactions with Carrot, unique personality traits and quirks, to establish her as a unique and competent, but not overpowered fighter, with a powerful yet well-balanced gimmick. He then specifically had Pedro die, later making sure we know She inherited his will. (To bring about the Dawn of the World)

Fact: Carrot's contributions were NOT very important in WCI/Wano.
Oda could've cut Carrot out with some minor tweaks and the result would have been the same. So, this time we ask "What was the purpose of Carrot?"

Fact: Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
In Wano, Carrot all but vanished, AFTER Oda had established her as a potential new Strawhat candidate. He then brought in Yamato, a flashy character with such a concept it seemed like she was made to grab your attention. The backstory, unique devil fruit, design, connections to Ace, CoC, Kaido's son... She was a Nakamafaggot's wet dream. But she didn't join. Why? What WAS her purpose?

Yamato was a red herring.

Oda brought in Yamato specifically to distract. To make you think she'd join. Her entire existence was fanservice, merchandise and most importantly, to make you forget Carrot.
Oda didn't forget. He just tried to make sure you did.

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We eating so good LuHanchads

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Reminder that Uta won’t be in the manga, don’t bring her up

>Ship LuNa
>Also don't want Boa to die of sadness
What do?

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I want to fuck Alvida.

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Yamato is the most tragic character in all of One Piece.
Forced to give up her dream and stay imprisoned in Wano because Momo and the Scabbards are too weak.

Well, not blackbeard. Yami-yami makes him immune to enemy devil fruits.

>capable of one-shotting a Yonkou

>they thought this retard would capture Hancock easily
>they even spammed this crap for 3 years
they deserve to get fucked

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Harem ending

Luffy gets all the girls and he fucks them everyday.

kek blackboard prefers marry bonney instead of hancock

>mouth open wide for blackbeard's big black hole

No it doesn't he still got quaked. He actually takes more damage not less.

Did you skip the spoilers?


Boa should be main character status. Glad we’ve seen her more lately.

the spoilers of BB being turned to stone weren't right. Just his crew was.

>jobbing to blackbeard

Daily reminder that there are stupid fucking tourists from shiddit that think they are welcome here.

Getting tired of reading their comments. Browsing that place is essentially failing a test of your character.

I'm convinced that Oda is experiencing brain-rot, a prion disease, and/or developing Alzhemiers, because the writing choices he made writing this manga since 2021 do not at all seem like they belong to the same man who wrote this manga for the past 20 years.

Where the fuck do I begin? Yamato in general. The complete screw up when it came to Wano. The rushed ending. Jinbe+who's who's fight
The entire Nika Nika retcon which opens up a giant plothole, and just little dumb things like how the Gorosei are complete retards because they wanted to censor the D on Monkey D Luffy poster. What would be the point of doing that at this stage?

Hopefully I am wrong. I guess we'll see

Blackbeard says if he lets her go she would 1 shot him. The full summary is out

did even had a fight? or he just cried like a bitch marine ford style?

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I’m going to bed, it’s dark Asian hours so that means the LuNaRoaches are out.

Wanking Zoro by proxy for the third chapter in a row now.
Nice to be a zorofag

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>They don't know how shonen works
Pirate King WILL marry the most beautiful woman
LuNatics WILL seethe until they'll rope

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Monkey D. Boa

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> repay her one D_ay

Look at this bunny.

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Who's that again

What about it?

What are their bounties going to be? I want the Kuja Pirates to be major players going forward. Not even quadrupling them should be enough.

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I wonder how Akainu feels about these new killing machines.
He seems like a traditionalist type who wouldn't be happy about normal Marine soldiers getting sidelined.

Thank you.

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Based Carrotchad keep reminding these faggots lest they forget

Goodbye bunny boo


The fat one would be a crazy fit for Franky


I'm actually worried about the netflix live action show. Oda seems invested on it, I fear that when it inevitably flops, gets canned after 1 season and becomes a laughing stock like the Bebop and Resident Evil shows before it Oda will take it as a personal failure and it will hurt the quality of the manga and the brand as a whole

Yamato joined the crew?

How did you win? Your waifu get FISHED? I know carrot is getting FISHED right now.

Does he? Seems to me Akainu is the kind of guy who cares about results over everything. Which is probably why he's willing to blow up a ship full of civilians if it means killing one target.

Seraphim, or the fiery ones, are an order of angels known for possessing a radiance so great that lesser angels were burned in their presence. Therefore calling Lunarians, who control fire, seraphim makes perfect sense and shows Oda has not completely lost his mind.

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he's just mad he didn't get his own model