Kanojo, Okarishimasu

I'm catching up on this series right now and it makes me want to fucking scream and run out of the room also Chizuru is fucking trash but her and Kazuya deserve each other

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Wow, Kazuya still wears mask? He's literally me!

Reiji Miyajima, the creator of this trash, is the REAL trash around here.

Trash making trash is what you expect from Wapan.

Chizuru is a great girl.

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Choriputa is the funniest shit ever

what's the difference between simping and findom?

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Imagine paying a hooker for no sex

She's not a hooker. The most she does is hold hands.

>I'm catching up on this series right now and it makes me want to fucking scream and run out of the room
You're saying that when you're saving shit like that pic?

With Kazuya, but she has plenty of "Friends" in her acting world.

Chizuru needs to be fucked hard by a gang of big dicked ogres

why do you hate you'reself this much, just drop it

>big dicked ogre

Is that not already Kazuya?

He doesn't even get the gratification from being humiliated. At this point he is only doing this because he has to.

He does it because he loves Chizuru and she makes him happy.

kazuya is a dicklet who gets hard imagining a guys ass

He does it because he doesn't want Chizuru to face the consequences of her own actions, Nagomi didn't really care about anything regarding Kazuya lying to her, she only cared about Chizuru lying to Sayuri the one thing she would not forgive her for. Kazuya played the hero, took all the blame on himself and lied to his grandma yet again and this lie isn't something he'll ever be able to come clean about.

Dude is well hung for some reason. Even Kibe was like bruh

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>The most she does is hold hands

Yeah, bullshit. That's what Kazuya gets, because it's Kazuya and she doesn't need to do anything more for him to come back again. She has to try harder with other clients.

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I am not up to date with the story.
Are they dating now?

No, nothing suggest it will change anytime soon, but they did meet a couple of times without him paying her lately: like when they watched MIni's lingerie youtube videos or when she tasked him with throwing rocks from her grandparents' house. Recently they stopped being neighbors.