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Wanted to make a thread to share some indie anime and animators. Feel free to post anything from short little gifs and webms to fanmade cuts or even music videos and full length projects.
Starting the thread off with a recent one I found that's pretty cool.
It's a student project that was released earlier this year

This is the group's twitter.

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This one is old, it's a fanmade adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei's ABARA

Kojo Tanno is an animator that's been working on this original sci-fi film for a few years, he has a youtube channel

But also updates his twitter very frequently

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Kamigoroshi Prologue

Animator's twitter has a lot of wip clips

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monitoring this thread

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Here's a cool Chainsaw Man fan animation that I really liked. It's a spoiler so don't watch if you havent read it. Great movement and character drawings, I think it captures the kind of roughness that Fujimoto's art has. I wish more animators would work in black and white. I think people see it as a kind of primitive thing but really it's a whole unique aesthetic of its own. This is what I would want out of an anime adaptation.

>"Studio Bulldog" is Japanese animation production team made by Takahiro and MÖCHOKO
For those who don't know Takahiro Shikama who was the director of SAO II, Ordinal Scale and Erased and his wife Motoko Shikama has worked as an animator on Carol & Tuesday, DitF, Zankyou no Terror and more. Together they run Studio Bulldog which consists of just the two of them.
They make original shorts in between their industry work.

their youtube channel is also a great resource since they post a lot of drawing livestreams alongside their animated shorts.

Shinohara Kenta, this guy makes funny stopmotion shorts and posts a lot on twitter.

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Gundam Sentinel short done by a solo CG animator.

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is 3d allowed?
are robots allowed?

dont know much about the guy who made this...

Of course, some of the best CG I've seen come out of Japan is stuff from indie animators

I really like how he didn't scream or goes crazy when his hand is cut. That few second afterward when you just know this isn't the first time, and then it shown he is on some kind of loop

preferer Nazoani Museum

Better than any battle sequence in 00

now that's crazy talk, you coulda said IBO and I'd agree.

Rewatch 00

I have, it still looks great.
The CG Sentinel clip is amazing too, but it's not better than 00 outside of having more values in its shading and details.
It's just a few mostly static shots of the EX-S, it can't even count as a battle sequence since there's no exchange of actions going on between two or more parties. It's just an EX-S showcase.

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There's an old asianboss video where they interview animators and one of them was a smelly looking cute animator girl and I stalked enough to find her profile. This is her short film and her YouTube channel

You mean Doujins?

That works too I guess, though strangely I've been finding most of this stuff under the label "indie anime" even on the Japanese side so I just went with that.