This manga was AWFUL but the character designs are nice. What does Any Forums think of it

this manga was AWFUL but the character designs are nice. What does Any Forums think of it

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I only read up to when they leave the school because I didn't want to see them interacting with filthy boys.

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marry and reproduce, marry and reproduce, marry and reproduce and marry and reproduce

I enjoyed it from start to finish. There was a drop off in the second half as things felt like they were getting rushed to the end, but the payoff was worth it, especially after reading Otayori

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I remember finding the bit where the short-haired girl they pick up later think she sees her friend as a zombie just as they leave the school rather moving

Manga was perfectly fine, there's no need to post dumb bait.

Why would a cute boy like Mii-kun interacting with other boys make you upset?

Fine? Mate, it has a weird and unnecessary sci-fi twist.

Yes, yes, I know it was Touko's fanfiction.

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I can hear it.

>shitai kara!
>shitai nara!
>shitai toki!
>shitai desho!?

I love the OP so much. Afterglow is an incredible song too. The anime's music in general was a straight up home run, absolutely nailed everything.

Needed more Yuki

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>that feel when Miki is actually the main character
That was the best turn of events

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The double meaning in the lyrics is pretty brutal too.

>because it's a corpse
>if it's a corpse
>when it's a corpse
>it's a corpse, isn't it?

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that one chick in the college arc who fiddled around with gadgets was the cutest girl

I was just there for Miki

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who's that on top of her?

One of the other mall survivors, while her friend was still alive
it's a doujin

ah, cheers