School Days

If you were in Makoto's place, what would do differently? I'm aware there was a visual novel before the anime.

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>If you were in Makoto's place, what would do differently?
Personally I would have stuck with Kotonoha.
I own the game.

That was the closest thing to a good ending you could get in that game. It kind of bothers me that there's no Sekai route that doesn't involve some manner of cheating on someone.

fuck sekai
continue fucking sekai
do not stop fucking sekai
do not fuck anyone else
the end

it was so goddamn easy and he threw it all away

Don't speak to any girl ever and shut myself in my room playing videogames

Sex and elope with Kotonoha's younger sister. Or with Kotonoha and the sister.

Wtf, literally me

I would do what I normally do, and just fuck my mom.

Kotonoha's mom was way hotter than her

This but unironically.

Double Yandere love!

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Is it time for official lewds? Including nipples and pubes?

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not have sex with anyone

But without sex, how can there be life?

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Fail to hit a home run as I fail the QTE to put the rubber on and get laughed at by Kotonoha into a humiliating bad end just like in the VN.

Just fucking stay with the shy, loyal, polite, rich as FUCK, big-titty girl who clearly loves me more than life itself. Makoto was a fucking retard.

Hook up with and marry Hikari, ignore everyone else
I win

>Setsuna gets outta dodge before everything comes tumbling down in the anime
Pretty amusing.

Hell. She was literally bending over backwards towards becoming his perfect woman. He coulda asked her literally anything and shed do it.

But what if she starts manipulating you?

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I wouldn't have been a retard who only knew how to fuck girls.
Considering the game had a harem ending, I'd work towards that, and actually talk some sense into the girls and treat them in a way that would have fostered a decent relationship.
I'd fuck the girls when I could, but I'd also make them realise that I truly loved them and want them to get along.

>Shy, loyal, polite, rich as FUCK, big-titty girl who clearly loves me more than life itself AND takes it upon herself to keep other thots away
She just jumped from a 10/10 to a 12/10.

When I was 16 I had a girlfriend with a personality similar to Kotonoha's and I didn't enjoy it at all, I would even say it was a bad experience. So I would stay with Sekai and send everything else to hell.

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That would probably be the best ending.

>Flat ass

i did that and i already know the ending
it's suicide

Stay loyal to Kotohoha, duh.