Do genderbender isekai protagonists really have small bladders?

Do genderbender isekai protagonists really have small bladders?

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Season 2 of Mira's anime when?

I miss this piss loli so much...

Me too

>bald old priest is the good guy
>blonden ikemen is the scheming bad guy

Jitsu wa Ore Saikyou anime

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>yet another faggot MC

You don't say

I admit the manga chapter where he's subjugating his own mother was funny, but anything after that is a waste of time

Why aren't there more isekai series that have a lot of piss scenes?

Be honest, if you were to reincarnate into a cute loli, you would also pee yourself in public as often as you could. I know I would.

Imouto looks great.

Would totally pee on trees. Standing, of course.

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Is this the one where MC put the soul of his friend to her killer Body?

Kneel to your queen

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I want to lick her calves

Yeah, he put it in the wolf girl. That was the most interesting part of the series (right at the beginning), lost interest not long after that.

That's a nice head you have on your shoulder

I hate the French and the Austrian.

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My Empress...

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