Hunter X Hunter

What would you say these two's attributes are? Would you say Hisoka is better at tactics but Chrollo is better at strategy? If you let Chrollo plan he just Batmans you, but I think in an impromptu fight without setup almost no one can match Hisoka's instincts and fighting autism

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They should stop being tsundere and just kiss already

The chapter itself made it obvious already. Chollo will always win in a prep-time match, he's too good at connecting all the pieces. Hisoka thinks he'll win in a street match, but only time will tell. At the very least Hisoka will kill every other spider and piss Chrollo off.

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Hisoka THINKS he's better on the go. No proof of that, and at best their equals.
Let's remember Chrollo fought two goddamn Zoldycks without prep time, his physical stats are 10/10, it's not like "he has magic skills but is weak at melee", Hisoka isn't getting the drop on him just because of being somewhat stronger.

Also we don't even know what abilities would Chrollo use for such an impromptu fight.
We just saw him use the magic mantle to trap the Zoldycks because he wanted their powers, and the ghost fish because he was in a closed room and wanted to torture the enemy not letting them die.
We literally don't know what does Chrollo usually use to just kill the enemies out in the open.

He was going to die by them anyway

I almost had an stroke thinking about how Togashi is using the troupe as Hisoka wank puppets. Hisoka has too much plot armor/importance to die early or die before destroying a significant amount of the troupe. We won’t get to see them in the Gyro Arc. Every troupe member except probably Chrollo, Zoldycks, and Machi will die without more added depth or exploration.

Man fuck Hisoka that pussy clown

The retard Zeno was about to sacrifice himself to finish the job which I consider pretty successful.
In a way, he wanted to end it before Chrollo got serious.

And Chrollo totally showed he has enough speed to pull some tricks from his book, he just happened to want to use the mantle and a poisonous knife.
No clue what he'd use for a real fight but we can assume he has something for dealing with strong & fast fighters.

Chrollo doesn´t even think abut Hisoka. The Zoldyck were a priority for him

real question is: who would win between nobuniga or hisokuck

In a non prepped, regular 1v1, Hisoka wrecks every phantom troupe member. They can win if they get lucky (Feitan with pain packer), but Hisoka easily wins more if we run it back over and over. Chrollo is the only contest, and even then i think Hisoka would win like 60/40

Nounbaga, but Hisoka would probably get a scratch on him before death which Nobunaga would acknowledge as proof of his worth.

Nobunaga is a one trick pony, I'm 100% sure Hisoka already has it figure out how he'd easily deal with him.
What you see is what you get, Nobunaga jumps at melee and tries to slash you with the sword.

Alternatively his hatsu is standing there and slashing everything in a radius. That's it.
An immobile target for Hisoka. He probably has theorized a dozen ways to kill him while he's standing immobile.
I can imagine something similar to what he did to Killua's butler : overwhelm Nobu's perfect defense with endless attacks from all directions as a bait while Hisoka is preparing an underground attack or something, maybe catching his sword with bungee gum with some trick and leaving Nobu defenseless.
You can't have such a transparent ability and expect to beat Hisoka the crafty Magician.

Like, I can imagine Hisoka getting all crafty and for example burning the whole place around Nobunaga so he has to keep defending from the attacks while being intoxicated by the smoke / his escapes being cut off by the fire until he finally falls to his death

Nanika: virtually has infinite power. Basically resurrects Gon from certain death. Despite that, Gon still can't use Nen because of his vow, that's how fucking strong Nen can be.

Considering all of this, people still think the funny clown resurrecting himself is an asspull. Why?

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Because they’re both asspull

He's just an incredibly fast swordsman, he's never needed his power at this point so it's pointless speculation. I kind of doubt they'll ever fight anyways, and if they do it'll probably be an ambush kill that doesn't qualify as a "fight".

Togashi can write the outcome however he wants since he's got a lot of room to do so, but to me it seems the relevant difference has less to do with skill or even planning so much as their mindsets. Chrollo was more practical, and Hisoka learned the hard way that regardless of what he wanted he was always up against the entirety of the Troupe.

The O MY RUBBER NEN shit never bothered me because that was the whole end it was meant to achieve. It's a little lazy to further the conflict that way, I guess, but the fight was never going to be anything but the prelude.


Hisoka. He could probably gum Nobu’s
Sword so he couldn’t even draw it.

Hisoka uses his bungee gun to make Nobu stab himself. Then he asks him why he's committing seppuku. But nobody answers because Jobnunaga's already dead.

Hisoka is fucking strong bro, reminder that Chrollo waited to get all the abilities and perfect conditions to fight him.