You lose because... I don't want you to win lmao

>You lose because... I don't want you to win lmao

Amazing. Araki you genius.

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I don't think JoJo is the best written and it's not even close to my favorite series but this is a non-point. You're describing every fight ever in any anime or manga because that is both parties' motivations when in a fight.

>user doesnt know how the arrow works

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The difference it that GER outright says it, and Giorno has no idea what his stand even did other than just magically auto-win because it says so.

I think it's most like
>you lose because I got the arrow first
You know, the thing they've been trying to do for the whole anime

>I win because my Stand ability JUST SO HAPPENS to interact with yours in a way that's convenient for me
Damn holy shit
this has NEVER EVER happened in shonen manga EVER EVER

The entire last fucking arc is literally about getting the arrow because it's an automatic win button. It's well established. The point is how they get the arrow, not whatever happens when they press the win button.

Shonen Mangas dont have stands dumb ass

References count.

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>Enemy's stand is erasing the cause but keeping the effect
>MC's stand is keeping the cause but erasing the effect
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More like
>You lose because... I'm just fated to win lmao

Do you guys remember the final battle of Part 2?

The defeat of Kars is a ridiculous series of Deus Ex Machinas, but 1. It’s hilarious, and 2. It’s thematic, since as bullshit as it is, it does still seem like some bullshit Joseph would somehow pull out of his ass (which is probably why Araki specifically put in that thought bubble to clarify that no, Joseph did not plan this and it was complete luck.)

GER is still less stupid than Diavolo grabbing the magic lightbulb behind SCR

>Stand arrow turns Silver Chariot into a reality warper and would've ended the world if not stopped in time
>OP gets surprised when the arrow gives Gold Experience equally broken reality warper powers

Part 5 is probably the worst written part, only competing with 8.

>You know, the thing they've been trying to do for the whole anime
>It's well established.

It's literally not introduced until after the Risotto fight. The only arcs after that are the Cioccolatta and Secco fight, the finale, and Sleeping Slaves if you want to be generous.


You wonder how broken King Crimson Requiem would be.
>Can actually delete time. Prevent your enemy from being born and remove their existence but everything else remains

Part 5 is probably the best written part, only competing with 8.

>silver chariot requiem swaps souls
>golden experience requiem puts diavolo in a death loop
is diavolos soul just going in to bodies that would die, repeatedly forever?

I wouldn't be surprised if it does something completely different, even. Stands are supposed to be the psychic manifestations of their user's fighting spirit, and thus tied to their souls. But Requiem Stands break the rules so much that GER's stats are all "Null" instead of letter grades, and he has independent sapience from Giorno, such that he can have a conversation with Diavolo that Giorno can't hear, and has abilities that Giorno doesn't know about.

Silver Chariot Requiem doesn't just swap souls, it also accelerates evolution, and was causing people in Rome to evolve to new creatures, with its range of effect continuously expanding. Even if Diavolo wasn't there Bruno's team would've had to stop it anyway lest it end life as we know it.