I hate episodic anime

I hate episodic anime
This could have been so much better with a proper story

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it's a travel story, having it not be episodic kills the nature of the show

I hate tomboys
This could have been so much better if she had a penis

I hate the 200 newfags who discovered Kino and Ergo Proxy last week

Agreed. Episodic show format can ruin the best concepts

How much of a brainlet do you have to be to get bothered by episodic plotting?

Which group is worse; plot fags or powerlevel fags?

I love Kino

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Plotfags by far, powerlevelfags at least try to discuss the series they're shitposting about.

why do these kino pics not have the weird lines that seem to be in every fucking release i can find of it

new archivement unlocked : expectations shattered , learn to live with the experience because many more are to come .

hey maybe you can appreciate episodic works better later on in Our personal journey of anime or general media . episodic works have evidently its shortcomings from a technical perspective too and there is a world where kino could have been a different story but its not this one .

You can find the no line version on nyaa.

Kino is made up of tons of proper stories

Right? lol

the scanlines were a stylistic choice

It would be a completely different show, but I don't hate the idea.

i've thought it was a early 2000s anime visual error for years now, i didn't realize they were intentional lol

i thought they were a vhs problem

what a waste of good direction

did some jewtuber make a video or something?

How is it possible to have taste this bad?

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