Made in Abyss

Who is gonna win the Regbowl?

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Every loli that lives

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Faputa already won

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Decimal odds below
>Faputa 1.50
>Riko 2.75
>Nanachi 12.00
>Some loli aubade robot from the 7th layer 20.00
>Tepaste 33.33
>Lyza 40.00
>Ozen 50.00
>Srajo 50.00
>Marulk 100.00
>Nishagora 125.00
>Prushka's soul 150.00
>Mitty version 3 333.33
>Habolg 500.0p
>Wakuna 1000.00

Is it possible to buy the manga without getting put on a list?

You post on this godforsaken website, user. You're already on a list.

80 Orth dollars on Maruruk

Literally Riko's dog

I want to kiss his tummy like Putin kissed a shota tummy.

>MiA S2 is the only show this season on Livechart to have its summary hidden behind a spoiler warning
>no other show this season has a spoiler warning, not even other popular sequels like COTE and Overlord
What did they mean by this?

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I love my wife Nanachi!

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The FBI literally does not care if you consume hardcore loli content. If you report loli content to them they will literally tell you that they do not care and to only report child abuse imagery with an identifiable minor.

I don't think Faputa belongs in the main party
It's strange calling someone a fourth wheel but she just feels tacked on because Tsukushi didn't want to kill her

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Her wish granting power is obviously going to be a big plot point down the road.

>anons swiping and hoarding relics for stats instead of turning them to the HQ

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Why do Vol 2 and 7 of the translated manga not exist in physical form

As long as she isn't as superfluous as Nanachi during the village arc.

It pains me to realize it.
Breasted characters(bigger than a-cups) are guaranteed to die, more so does tusky need to demonstrate each layers curse on a human. I fear the new sex bombs aren't going to make.

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This is the second ever Chinese comic book I've read, and I'm obsessed. I can't stop thinking about it and it's really fucking annoying.

First I read was Dorohedoro, which I also became obsessed with.
Any other recs?

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Nanachi could win easily, but doesn't want to.

boku no lurk moar

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Good taste so far.

One I've been following recently is Witch Hat Atelier. It has pretty art, cute witch girls, cool magic, and some dark parts to the story. Check that one out.

Another you may like is Drifting Dragons. Dudes on sky ships hunting dragons. Seems cool, but I've only read the first tank so don't take my word as gospel.

Berserk, obviously.

I'll look into it only if it has cool art and worldbuilding

Sorry kid but I've been getting the freshest anime ass pics from Pixiv long before you found this god forsaken website

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These are pretty goodCheck out Boku no Pico its a classic.

I remember, in a book shop, spending quite a long time debating myself on whether to go near the Made in Abyss volumes. I'm absolutely on a list just for that.

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