Kantai Collection -Kancolle- Season 2

Cute dog and her dead friends

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Ro cameo or riot.

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Mou~ baka bakari~

I mean, she was around
she didnt' really do anything
she's more associated with Kure (Yukikaze's stomping grounds) than Sasebo (Shiggy's)

foreigners wehn

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Don't care as long as we get more futa doujins.


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DDcons get the woodchipper

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my DE expired...

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I prefer the wops to the frogs

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best kongo

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Fat aft.

at least it's not liable to collapse like certain other ships

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I want to shag Shigg

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DDcons go in the woodchipper

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>hey commander
>I needed to finish the job
>got anywhere I can hide out for a while?

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Tell them to stop being so erotic

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