Buyfag thread

Licking yunyun's bare legs

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read the guide

I recently bought a few Higurashi figures.
Ask me anything.

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are you excited for rena bunny

what are your pronouns

pinched a nerve, user?

we need more femboy figures

what about gay handsome men

I'm headed out to Taco Bell in a bit. What do you want?


I'll get a crunch wrap supreme in a combo

>not nu-BStyle prices
She worth a spot on the shelf? Curious if the leggings version sparked joy for anyone here that owns her

Cravings box via the mobile app is the only way to Taco Bell.

Now I understand why you buy these

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are they oversexed out of model bunny figures?

This is a longshot but here goes.

Does anyone have any of the Little Witch Academia mugs that they'd be willing to sell? I'll pay an absurd amount of money for one. Has to be official though, and not the glass one.

Liliana Alt arrived yesterday during a holiday much to my surprise. Thanks DHL for something I guess.
It is most excellent and somehow much bigger than I expected. Now I have to hope for an Annette recolor/rerelease.

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I'd pay top dollar for this as a figure.

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What is your top dollar, though? $50?


damn she is great, very nice tits, to be honest Liliana is way better than Annette, i have her bath towel and its pretty nice

Agreed. But if you look on MFC some guy made an acrylic base so they can both pole dance together. Says he posted some instructions but even if not I feel like it wouldn't be too hard to replicate.

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Not much, but got a flag. I like it.

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damn liliana is leaning more than i thought, its a bit too fast here but its probably just the gif
its not a bad idea tho, annette is looking better than i expected

Got my first Kurumi figure.

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