One Piece

Remember when we thought Wano would be Zoro's arc ?

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And it ended up being Sanji's arc. Bravo, Zolokeks.

always funny when opfags say "muh gag manga" and shit their pants over "edgy" stuff when you have pages like this


When will they join???

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Coby was saving himself for marriage so how does Helmepo feel knowing Blackbeard may steal their first night away from him?

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Is tashigi a marine kuina clone?

Post Cute and Canon

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Yamato confirmed the Vivi of Wano.

Who will be the Robin?

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Zoro is not a character, he is power level man with no personality beside samurai sword man

Toei makes the tits too big

Just imagine how soft she is

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You mean just right

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Zoro will visit Ryuma's grave in a flashback

is he a prototype seraphim of whitebeard

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I want to suck on her bloated tits

>bottom right
has to be an edit

it isn't

Just imagine how soft her neck is

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>Boa not turned into a push-over damsel in distress
>Coby is actually not that strong
>Shakky was a Kuja empress
>Rayleigh intervening and literally telling BB off

>why are there only 3 BB pirates present
>Marco flashback with Luffy feels forced because of fan complaints

shaking my head
>seraphim child jutsu clones that are really strong, made by Timmy, age 9, huge fan of Final Fantasy and Demonslayer
>a Yamato flashback
>Luffy begging Yamato to join
>Zoro going OOC

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Wano should have explored Zoro's origins, probably the one thing I hate the most about the Wano arc.

>Sentomaru bring me Rogers, Rocks, Kaidos and WBs DNA
>Its time to put an end to the pirate era, in the name of Imu the holy

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>EXIT Wano Cunny
>ENTER Loli Piece
Thank you, GODA

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I wouldn't be shocked if he's a castoff of some secret project or another.

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wan piss is going the same way as nardo and its not a good thing haha


Raws in 5

Will seraphim crocodile be a girl?

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Carrot. She is also the reverse Vivi.

hours? days?

So with Devon being on Amazon Lily, that means the person speaking with Koala is definitely Sabo.

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You know in retrospect, this whole theory about Sanji having Lunarian genes was always retarded because he isn't black

>brown overgrown loli shotas with wings who cant get hurt and have powers similar to the shichibukai are the marines trump card
Didnt expect that desu

>. Hancock says that as long as she's on the island, enemies will keep coming.
>Hancock: "Uh.. Now that the situation has come to this... I want to be married to Luffy...
Seems like Hancock for SH is on the menu now

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>Koby didn't get turned into stone
>While 2 of BB's captain did
>Coby is actually not that strong

>Boa not turned into a push-over damsel in distress
>Coby is actually not that strong
>Shakky was a Kuja empress
If these are things that were not apparent to you before this chapter, you're honestly a moron. Seriously.

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You now remember the WCI raid by Blackbeard.

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you guys are too

i hope so!

Blackbeard finds Bonney more beautiful than Hancock


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Yes, the first half of Wano it felt like it was going to be his arc. Once the raid started it all fell apart...

>>Shakky was a Kuja empress
Yeah you totally called it 100%

>5 KB
>Moria bring me Rogers, Rocks, Kaidos and WBs corpses
>Its time to put an end to the pirate era, in the name of the holy ZEE HA HA HA HA

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It's when she was running at Doffy with the sword, it's a single frame iirc

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>Everyone around the world is freaking about news regarding Sabo, crying for him and shit
>People think this is setting up Marineford 2.0
Nah, actually he killed Cobra and everyone is just freaking out he missed the mark so hard.
>BB is out to an unknown location after reading said controversial newspaper
>People think he's going to either Alabasta for Pluton with the royalty having mysteriously disappeared or take over Big Mom's territory and poneglyph due to her being distracted with Luffy
Actually, Pluton is on Wano which makes Robin not telling Croc the truth all the more questionable and he went to get Boa's DF for some asinine reason despite not being pretty at all.
>Ryokugyu gives the image of being a chill guy friends with Fujitora and giving zero fucks about Akainu's orders
Turns out he's an Akainu AND CD cocksucker, who instead of being chill sucks nutrients out of everything as if he was fucking Cell.
>Vegapunk made weapons to replace the Shichibukai
>People thinks its robots with more DF replica powers
Actually, it's him experimenting with the poor giant Punk Hazard children as if he was fucking Josef Mengele.
Did I miss any? Which twists set up during the hell that was Wano were worth it or not?

>all because of this fuckers DNA

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Imagine THAT’S how we get the reveal. One of those things tries to attack Cross Guild and someone finds that it’s fem Crocodile

There was a samurai dad and a wano woman, they had samurai son. There. That is what you would have gotten with Zoros past

Imagine this is the reason Yamato didn’t join

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>>Boa not turned into a push-over damsel in distress
No, she kicked ass apart from Teach which is understandable. She literally refused to run or reason like a queen.

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Come on, her name never gave it away?

next chapter Luffy finds out about Coby and wants to go rescue him
would that be something Luffy would do
>Coby is my friend! I'm not gonna let him get killed by THAT guy
or would it be out of character because it would be more appropriate for Luffy to go
>shishi... Coby is strong enough, he's gonna be fine, he wouldn't even want my help I'm sure... shishi!

fuck off with this jobber rape bait

>On her way to marry Luffy

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So something came from experimenting on King for years. Though I don't get why Boa and Mihawk have mini versions? Did the WG steal their DNA or something in the past?

Is king actually gonna do something after wano

I want Zoro to sit on my face.

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>Yamato gets two farewells and Luffy disappointed she's not joining
>Carrot gets ...

Kinda fucking kino ngl. Zombies vs the baby soldier versions of them

If it was so obvious then where are all the posts calling it? There's thousands saying she was totally ex-rocks but none saying she was an ex-empress

So did they extract something from him but didnt use it for the last 40 years until Vegapunk came up with something?

Mad she didn't lose to Joby?

Why would King do something after Wano? join.

Cant wait for Vegapunk to use Edo Ten- I mean """Science" to bring back all of ROCKS

Post more for my Boa folder

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>showcase of every warlords clone Seraphim
>Crocodiles is mysteriously female
finally. perfect

Carrot didn't want to join.

>Exit Wano Cunny
>Immediately get bombarded with shota and loli soldiers
The fuck is with Oda and kids?

Here's one more

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Personally, I never brought it up because Shakky hasn't been relevant since probably before most of you were even born.

He was missing gigantification and Smoker/Tashigi just brought him material to work with. go to Elbaf.

My Queen

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current kid is stronger than shanks

Imagine her one sided rivalries with Robin and Nami.

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Are half of these units in a one piece mobile game? A-are they always available?

So she won't end up with Luffy?

Blackbeard admitting that Boa is too dangerous to keep alive.

Blackbeard admitting his darkness devil fruit power is actually not that powerful and actually has a limit. It can't undo or reverse his crew members that got turned into stone by Boa

I'm not a Boa fan but her joining wouldnt be terrible

>Oda is a pedo
I knew the edible loli thing wasn't a fluke
he's friends with and defends all the other convicted pedo mangakas

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It's absolutely Zoros arc
>starts off confident but completely lost the plot
>makes it through by cutting a lot of content
We just didn't realize how meta Oda could be and got played by his 6d chess vision

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Oda never stated such a thing

Thats fucked, You think maybe Smoker and Tashigi would leave the marines because of something like that?

Oda is based?

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I would smash every cunny in that picture ngl

>There's thousands saying she was totally ex-rocks but none saying she was an ex-empress
Where are you looking? If you're just talking about Any Forums, then why? Plenty of people had this theory. Just because you were too dumb to think of it doesn't mean everyone else was.

>THAT guy

>why yes we use cloned children as military might in our quest to "save" the world
how could you tell?

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This shows that Vegapunk was correct in kicking out Caesar Clown. Caesar Clown wasted all his time on shitty smile fruits with horrible side effects while Vegapunk was working hard on creating loli and shota clones of the 7 Warlords of the Sea.

Damn Luffy’s baby momma is so strong.
Their kids will be insane

>kid Drake

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I hope she kicks Chopper off the Sunny and drowns but is saved by Jinbe as recurring gags.

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he hates Blackbeard and doesn't want to say his name
his name is like the nigger word

Great now we got Hancockfags

Kid luffy can defeat her

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Oda did kinda hint she was in Rocks in a SBS

They don't have to know.

Seraphim lunarian loli Hancock is too much for me! Was she literally made to put an end ro my dick?>Loli Crocodile
..If it's true it's too much for me

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If they knew, they might, but they probably aren't being told.