Kunoichi Hinagiku


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How do I get a Hinagiku gf?

First you must defeat Kibushi

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Scratch your initial into a bunch of fruit then lay in wait, one is bound to come along.

>engage in combat with the Kiboosh
>Oniyuri locks me into place while Hinagiku mindrapes me
worth it

I feel like Hinagiku is a bad influence on Oniyuri.

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>that little tease of naked, fleshy heel

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Sazanka's feet.

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Hinagiku's feet.

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Oniyuri seems pretty relaxed, I don't think she really cares about the punishments for going along with Hinagiku's schemes. She does like Hinagiku, so to her I imagine it's all probably worth it for prime access to Hinagiku pussy.

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In my mouth

What would be your strategy to defeat the kiboosh?

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She has pretty eyes, I wanna lick them.

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Sex with


Hana and Konoha at the same time

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All the ones with boobs and wide hips at the same time