No, you don't understand...

>no, you don't understand, you HAVE to watch the same entire episode four times in a row before something different happens
how did they get away with this?

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Endless eight was pure genius

15 years later, we can finally agree these character designs were extremely bland and the success of the franchise can only be attributed to sheer luck.

These character designs had SOUL and are less bland than character designs in anything airing today. Haruhi characters are iconic and the popularity of the series wasn’t luck, it was a genuinely fun and enjoyable series to watch. Nobody stopped you from skipping the endless eight unless you watched it during airtime either, you weren’t FORCED to watch it.

8 weeks of pure cope
so genius

Man I remember this show was everywhere in 2007/2008. You couldn't even go to an anime convention without a group Hare Hare Yukai. Better times
People hated endless 8 when it aired. It was also because they decided to make the Disappearance Movie and had to find a way to fill up their 12 episode slots

>how did they get away with this?
They didn't.

No, faggot, you have to watch it eight times in a row. It's not even bad, watching it after airing it's quite fun.

>had to find a way to fill up their 12 episode slots
They ended up with a block of 28 episodes, though. They did it because the producer wanted to, there is no other reason.

Why are [REDACTED] upset about Haruhi in 2022 A.D.?

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The Hare Hare Yukai basically carried the series and got a lot of people in, it was basically Macarena/Gangnam Style levels of meme among the otaku market.

Don't get me wrong, the show was interesting, and it has very solid ideas, but basically the execution did everything in their power to bring it down.

>how did they get away with this?
They kind of didn't, really

> how did they get away with this?
because they ignored everyone who told them it was a bad idea

How is it genius

It made people want to punch walls

You can learn a lot about someone from their impression of haruhi, and endless 8 is probably the peak.
On one hand, anyone coping about how it's actually really interesting how the dialogue is slightly different and how they wear different yukatas has shit taste and will gobble anything up, you should disregard all their recommendations.
On the other, someone who enjoyed the series long enough to get to endless 8, but ends up skipping episodes is ADHD and chances are high that they are a serious speedwatcher, conversation is useless, anything they say they've watched they might as well just be pretending.
What about someone who encourages people to watch haruhi, but to only watch 2-3 episodes of endless 8? This is someone who regularly recommends shows they didn't enjoy, because they haven't watched enough anime to be able to recommend something they did.
There's also the occasional braindead viewer who says that the experience gives you a sense of the suffering that Yuki went through. Wow, that's sad, user.


What better way to get a glimpse of a speck of a fraction of Yuki's suffering.

Wow, that's sad, user.

you can just post a few colours and people will know its Haruhi. this is good character design

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I like this pride flag

It’s genius because it elicited an emotion from its viewers that no other anime has been able to match, before or since. A true piece of art.

Plenty of anime have made me feel like nothing new has happened and they're wasting my time for 6 weeks in a row, though.