What do they eat?

What do they eat?

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fish along with whatever they can dredge up from the depths, I suppose. The construction of windmills implies they have an established agriculture sector somewhere, whether local or imported.

Fish probably, they're surrounded by ocean
Also food likely gets imported considering the amount of people who travel to the abyss from around the world

Is Cravali just supposed to be a gigachad meme?

Each other.

Marathoned season 1 and I can see why Marulk's liked. Other than the femboy shota stuff, he's like one of the very few purely kind and harmless characters in the abyss.


There’s a page where it’s said rice is imported

The little floppy animation of him jumping down from the spyglass to run and tell ozen is cute as fuck. It's like a 10th of a second but it's burned into my brain.

Huge amounts of soup.

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Extremely based picture.

Ohhh boy...rice! Yum yum!

They export artifacts. They import food and other things that the island doesn't have.

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Based Recette poster.

It's complicated

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Damn speedreader...

Why does Wazu look like a bug disguised as a human?

Remember the phrase "we are what we eat"? Yeah.

Human childrens.

Ahoges look like antennae

This child has an illicit sexual relationship with a loan shark fairy woman