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When do you think did Walnut lose her virginity, and when and to who?

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im only giving the show a chance for her desu

Majima and Chisato will lose their virginity to each other soon

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PV tomorrow right?

When she was in the closet with Mizuki. To Mizuki obviously.

Day after tomorrow.

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What does anime girls’ pussy and pee taste like? I always imagine strawberry ice cream

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Walnut is a true wizard, she used her powers to turn into an eternal loli.

Depends who she is and how she's designed/written.
For example since we know Revy from Black Lagoon is an alcoholic with a shitty diet we can infer based on the similar physics of our reality and hers that her urine would taste very salty. Despite her diet she does exercise to keep Any Forums, but her urine probably tastes like any other alcoholic woman in her mid 20s.

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The longer I spend reading these threads the more I feel half the posters in them don't watch the show.

Why would Majimafags watch this show?

What a true hacker

Aqua-sama's urine would be the purest, most refreshing water one could drink. I personally want it straight from the tap.
Imagine the best drink of water you've ever had in your life, but 100x better and it's like that every time.

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By me.

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What could have been if Alan/Shinji was not a hack...

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Why do Majimaturds keep posting the same few fanarts?

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Why does the sun rise in the east and set in the west each day? Does the moon also rise in the east and set in the west? Why do the stars do the same? WHY???????????????????

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People keep telling me they are being ironic but I genuinely feel like they are seriously pushing for this, which is kinda sad in its own way.

Because it's an unpopular ship that only a few underaged retards on Any Forums like.

Chisato x Fuki is fine too

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Yeah no shit, they do it because it gets a rise out of people extremely easily.


Exactly. They'd disappear if people just ignored them.

Some of them are just trolling for sure, but there are a few who are actually invested in it.

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No user I really mean that they are pushing for this they are genuine shippers.

Yes, I am saying that if you really believe that then you are falling for the shitposting.

Why can't yurifags stop thinking about Majima?
Why can't yurifags leave Majima alone?
Why can't yurifags stop being jealous of male anime characters?
Why can't yurifags just be happy about other people's happiness?
Why can't yurifags stop seething?

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I'd be annoyed either way if their intent was shitposting or not but since I believe they are genuine this just makes the situation sadder, poor fools, anyways I agree with you better to ignore them.

There's always those who ship in earnest, any ship, but in this case it's just extremely easy to rile up the /u/diots and lycoreco is the flavour of the season show

Sasuga tensai Alan's children! They are eager to learn about lots of things.

>having a mental breakdown over cute pictures inspired by the show itself

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0/10, try again

What are Mizuki and Walnut going to do in Germany anyway?

Mizuki will have sex with Walnut cosplaying as a canadian male