Boku no Hero Academia

New Chapter when?

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Dead series, Dead thread.

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Bunny's gonna lose her last limb nooo

New season is coming and hype is already dead

No chap this week... asshole

Well yeah, those thin lines look like dogshit, we know it’s getting censored to hell and back, and they’re probably going to cut even more scenes, if MVA was any indication.

Ochako has an amazing body.

>making my pal cry
So this is what Jiro's line to AfO was referencing

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We know, Toga

>when fujos try to sneakily taint AFO as well

Nice breasts.

So sad that they had to suddenly end the manga on chapter 363 after retardedly writting themselves into a stupid corner, but it is understandable.

>DJ Punch
How is this any different from a normal punch?

It's a punch thrown by a DJ duh

The sound waves come out of his mouth into his arm enhancing the power

Uraraka body

Hori doesn't write his way into a corner, he just simply erases the corner and pretends it didn't exist

>the story didn't go according to my headcanon so Hori wrote himself into a corner

Damn Hori is a chad

Does every middle aged man in this series have to constantly reminisce about high school?

You will know once you get older

You can't be seriously defending one of the worst pieces of storytelling ever written by mankind so I will just assume you are a retarded faggot trying to farm (You)s, so here you go.

Woah, not him, but MHA isn't that bad it's mediocre at worst.

I meant specifically the last 2 chapters, or well the whole arc around that.
The whole >oh no i am so weak i will never catch up to my hubby deku because i dont have many quirks like him