Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

This legit looks like an early Christmas present for those oldfags who grew up with GITS, Bubblegum Crisis, Goku: Midnight Eye, Armitage and other cyberpunk classics.

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bad bait

1 week

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Please tell me they're releasing it weekly instead of a complete drop. Netflix keepe fucking killing the hype for every anime by that retarded system.

>present for those oldfags

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Is Lucy a netrunner?

The shitty zoomer haircut ruins it

fuck hype

So soon... at last.

I was worried at some point that we might never see Edgerunners. Shit that happened with technical quality of Cyberpunk 2077 game, lack of any new info for months... But it doesn't matter anything right now. Edgerunners is real and will be released soon.

Fuck off back to Any Forums subhuman

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You shouldn't care about something as pointless as "hype" if you are older than 18


Oldfag here, I hate.

Cyberpunk belongs to the 80-90s. It is dishonest to try to revive the genre in the current decade.

I have friends IRL to discuss shows with regardless of (((hype))).

This style of glowy acid-colored cyberpunk doesn't feel oldschool at all.

Most of all its shit , cyberpunk is one of the most milked and incestuous genres out there thats been recycling the sane shit for ages

>What happened to the cyberpunk genre?
>It came true. You're looking at it.

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Dragster realease any minute now

>Technology is more advanced in 2022 than we could have imagined just 15 years ago
>New prosthetics, that are not that far away from being integrated into wearer's nervous system
>Probably 10-15 years away from developing a true BCI
>Corporations subtly doing shady social engineering to a whole generation of consumers
>People are inseparable from their smartphones and social networks, digital self is just as important for a career as am irl one
>Just been through a global pandemic, that left us dead inside
>Humanity is just a couple of mistakes from a global nuclear war
Cyberpunk as a genre is more relevant than ever.

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