August’s best-selling manga

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chainsaw man is doing way fucking worse than i expected. we’ll see if the anime will be enough to boost it up a couple of spots.

incredible the faggots can't import the volume from the future

he's talking about backlog sales you retard, which is fair since you'd expect that new trailer would boost it a bit more

don't get so mad my dude

>you'd expect that new trailer would boost it a bit more
Not if you have more than two braincells

It has relatively stable backlogs (100-200k) every month. Being in the top 20 without an anime yet is pretty good. There’s still a lot of volumes waiting to be collected, the anime will definitely give a notable boost. So far it’s sold around it’s sold around 8-9 million of the 15 million copies it has in circulation. For a recent comparison, Spy sold around 11-12 million copies (digital copies not included) out of its 15 million copies in circulation, right before its anime aired. Chainsaw Man is doing fine.

The fact Blue Box and Blue Lock are almost tied in cannot be funny.

It's fine but people just shouldn't expect numbers like spy x family or JJK or they'll only set themselves up for disappointment

people expect numbers every month as if it meant something to them? That's sad kek

How the fuck does wan piss keep topping these charts?

>how does the king of manga and sales keep dabbing on its "competitors"

I got no idea. I mean, I dropped it so long ago I cannot give you a current reason.

The anime boost really didn't last long for Call of the Night.

It released a new volume this month. The last four months was Spy at the top consecutively.

And I dont get it (i dont even watch the anime or read the manga). But from what Ive seen, it has fairly high budget and good production quality. So why isnt it boosting it? Seems so random what nips will buy in droves these days

new volume released on august 4th and movie blew up in japan cause of Ado so backlogs went up

Yeah, that's why salesfaggotry exist (and this thread by extension)

Only retards act like it actually means something to them personally. Oricon sales threads are just mainly used to report the progress of how a series is doing in Nipland. They didn’t even get popular until KnY started exploding.

>Wano ends
>Sales go up
Truly the shittest arc

Uh? Wasn't JJK flopping?