Dragon Ball Super


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Based OP

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Enter *OUR* FUCKING heroes.

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THE webseries

Well, /dbs/?

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>Bald jobbers that Vegeta easily killed

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Bald jobbers.

FUCK GUYS I need some help, PLEASE.
The other day I was false-flagging as a Jiren-bro, (Bejitabro btw) and in order for my cum tribute, I stuck a picture of Jiren on my wall (pic related). After making my post, I decided to take it down, since I couldn’t stand the look of him. But as I tried to pull it off, the hair on my back shot up and Jiren’s eyes momentarily glowed red and before I realized what just happened, I was suddenly shot backwards through my wall and knocked out. I didn’t wake until hours later and I was bleeding profusely from my head. But the picture, it had MOVED. No-one had entered or left the basement (Mother had gone shopping) and somehow this picture had MOVED all on its own. It was now on the center of my bed, staring at me, menacingly, or so I believe. I was too freaked out to do anything so I left the house. When I returned to sleep, whenever I tried to move it off the center of the bed, it felt like I was being uppercut the most powerful being in existence. I was forced to try to sleep around it, but I couldn’t get comfortable so I slept on the floor. In the morning it was on my door. I cannot move the door without moving the picture and every time I tried, I was blasted backwards into my wall. I cannot leave my room. There are no windows and no other exits. Please, does anyone have any advice?

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Cool design, will reference.

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Actually I have made a start on sketching what you asked. It doesn't look good though.

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I thank Dende every day that Dragon Ball isn't faggot shit like that.

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>I thank Dende

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I can't. He smashed my phone so I can't take pictures. Please help. I am starving. I haven't eaten in 4 hours.

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>c-chichi san, this is for you

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Begin making push-ups until he lets you out. You may have to do it for a few hours.

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>I am starving. I haven't eaten in 4 hours
Jiren is training you since you're a fat fuck. He's going to make you strong. Be thankful.

>Went to McDonald's
>Saw Jiren
>Was behind him in line
>He took 27 hours to finish ordering
>Ate it all in minutes
>Looks at me
>Eats all my food (and the toy)
Fat fuck I hate Jiren now.

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>Bald BEASTS that let Bejita win out of pity
But enough about Krillin and Tenshinhan.

I'm still hungry

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this is why El Hermano is far superior

How strong will I be after I complete the training program?

Why is Cell wearing that

Power of money

This is how things were supposed to be. Vegeta was supposed to be a villain who died and was never brought back. If only toriyama hadn't been a contrarian who wanted to troll his editor we could've had the perfect dragon ball.

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A quintillionth of Jiren's power, but still many hundreds times stronger than Bejita.

Grandpa did a sandstone shitbomb on my face!

Mon grand-père a mis un escargot en chocolat sur ma joue.

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You lost Torishima

Bulma should've had a kid with Yamcha who was hilariously powerful for an earthling and constantly showed up his father. Yamcha would constantly be trying to look cool in front of his son and fail every time.

Tori trolling us and his editor is king shit.



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Gokufags are delusional.