Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 32 part 2


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i heard there was a filler arc
what was it? i havent seen the anime in years

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What was the JP consensus on Kubo forcing Spanish down their throas

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Kubo's Fullbring ability

For this volume? It was the New Captain Shusuke Amagai arc. Blonde loli princess, noble plotting, spirit weapons that corrupt the user.

there were many filler arcs. the filler arc in the middle of the arrancar arc was the new captain shusuke amagai

Didn't it also have a dude who straight up used Naruto hand seals?


Is it Mexican?

was it any good? it's been so long i completely memory hole all the bleach fillers

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They thought it sounded neat. I also thought it sounded neat.

i have no clue what the fuck any of those things are and how they slotted it in for things people actually care about


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Bakkoto/Shunsuke Amagai/Rurichiyo. Call it as you like. It was panned but wasn't that bad.

D-roy's an idiot who doesn't even know that the smaller a menos-class hollow is the more dangerous it is

No arguing in this thread, ok?

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is this D. Roy Linker, God's natural enemy?

Boba on booba

>National Geographic flashback

Top tier because anime VAs made it great.

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So where's Szayelapporo?

>This is why D roy was retarded

who want to play some dmc 2 i never played but it's the sequel to my favorite game

WATCH OUT GRIMMJOW The quincy are coming

Cannibalism makes you stronger.

>Me and the bois

It had a ninjalike guy in a mask everyone called evil Kakashi.

I personally liked it but it could have been better. Everyone groaned about it at the time because it interrupted this arc in the midle of it.

I remember this scene slightly creeping me out in the anime where up until now, you see absentminded gillians with the long noses and then suddenly the one with a unique mask masticates another one his own kind.

>D.Roy is a dick

D-Roy is talking shit.

D-Roy deserves brain damage

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You know the rules for Bleach threads. If not you're a tourist

Everyone was pissed about it. Honestly they should have just given us a Grimmjow flashback arc.

The concept is creepy for sure. Empty minded drones with one suddenly gaining sentience and devouring the other in a desperate bid to stay conscious. Kubo really hit it with the existential dread there.

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I wanted a daily life of Aizen and friends actually.


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Grimmjow's fuzzy ears are cute

Aren't you already Adjuchas? You sure don't look like Gilllians, except for the guy in the back.

This is why Grimmjow has his king obsession and acts like he's top dog.

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Check off the bingo board
Pretty sure Hitsugaya confirmed all Grimmjow's fracciones were gillians.

cute ears

>Long kneels to the panther king

I like his panther form more than his release

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>grimmjow has a inferiority complex

Careful Grimmjow, your Vegeta is showing.

they didn't have enough manga material to adapt and this was before shounen anime adaptations realized they could just take a fucking break while waiting for the manga to have enough material, so they created their own shit to try and keep people watching

I thought the difference between Adjuchas and Gillians was when they take a non-black-blob form. Weird that we never learn what separates and Adjuchas from a Gillian, then, as I couldn't say at a glance that Grimmjow was different from those guys.

Gtg, I'm putting an updated bingo card with anons' suggestions in case the thread gets archived.

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reread the first pages of this thread

this cute pussy is my kang

The strongest Espada?

That's me.

Ruri was so cute.

Can't wait for the New Captain arc. Weird of Kubo to put a new story in the middle of HM like that though


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>I thought the difference between Adjuchas and Gillians was when they take a non-black-blob form.
I think the specific difference is that Adjuchas are much smaller. All of Grimmjow's boys are huge compared to Grimmjow. Nakeem is still a large blob.