Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi Chapter 34

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>You worked really hard this time around...
>so you can request something as a reward.

>In that case...

>Let's all go to the amusement park together!
>Blurb: Heading to the classic date destination, the amusement park...!
>Sidebar: The momentum doesn't stop! Volumes 1 and 2 receiving reprints one after another!

>Mom, dad, hurry up!

>Guess who~

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>...It's pretty easy to tell.
>It's Miwa-san, right?
>(He figured it out right away!)

>Hey, looks like I'm the first sister to get here!

>Blurb: First up, third daughter Miwa-san makes a surefire entrance!

>Home 34: Making the heart flutter.

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>That active look suits you nicely as well, Miwa-san!

>Going too far with girly clothes would be a huge blunder!
>(Heh heh heh...) After all, it's an amusement park, so we'll be moving around a lot!

>Oh? It's rare for you to be this quick, Miwa.

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>Who the heck is that!?

>There would be a huge hassle again if people recognized me, so I put on a disguise...
>Should've tried to look a little bit like your real self, at least!

>You'll get tired real quick in that kinda outfit!
>I win this one!
>Is there some kind of competition?

>It has a different mood than usual, Kazuki-san,
>But it's still very nice.


>Sorry, I'm a bit late.

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Finally, my weekly dose has come!

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>What's with those faces?

>Why are you in disguise as well,
>This ain't a disguise!

>T-there's no problem with me wearing clothes I like, is there?
>We're taking the day off, after all!

>Clothes you like?
>Up until now, though,
>you've always said that that sorta frilly stuff doesn't suit you...

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>...That's not true!
>I think it suits you very well,

>I just haven't had the opportunity to wear these after buying them.
>This was a good chance, that's all.

>Okay! Everyone's here, so let's go in!

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Ok finally found a live thread. This has nothing to do with the current arc, but I have to say, I really hate MC's dead Mother, she seems like an absolutely awful mother and I don't like it that the author writes as if it was MC's fault for not being closer to her. He was shown to have tried multiple times to get closer to her but she ignored him his entire life and suddenly on her death bed, apparently she regretted it? Fuck off, good thing she died. People who aren't interested in parenting shouldn't be parents. She was an awful garbage woman.

>Unbeknownst to each other, the three sisters...
>Had secretly been making plans for this day.

>it feels like I've just been blindly dancing in the palm of his hand...

>I'm afraid I've been getting a little carried away. But...

>That's not gonna happen today!

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>Here at the amusement park,
>(Huh? Me...?)
>I'm going to make Yuu's heart flutter!

>Sign: Haunted house
>Do you want to go in the haunted house, Kazuki-san?

>They're doing a collaboration with what's said to be the scariest horror film out right now.
>It's modeled after the film, so you have to go through in pairs.
>Poster: Collaboration in progress... *Admission to one pair at a time

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>Is she thinking of the same thing as me...?
>Feels like Kazu-nee is gunning for Yuu-kun as well...!
>[The peculiar intuition of the three sisters]

>I'll be making the first move,
>you two...
>Let's go in together, Kazuki-san!

>...After all,
>I've started getting a little more comfortable with my heroine act.

>By using my acting prowess,
>(Yuu... I'm so scared...!)
>I'm sure I can make him blush!

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>You can definitely tell that a horror film director is supervising this project.
>The timing and angle of the scare are pitch perfect.

>No, no!
>This isn't the time to be studying acting!

>I'll drop down to my knees,
>and use teary eyes and an upwards glance to get intimate with Yuu!

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>I'm scared,

>He isn't here!?

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>He's so scared he can't even stand up...

>Don't make such a big deal out of this.
>It's all make-believe, you know?
>(There's a limit to how much of a coward you can be.)
>I-I just happened to trip and fall, okay?
>It's pretty dark, so you should be careful as well, Kazuki-san...


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Lucky trip for the rape trio in the back.

>That scared me...


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>It's... It's okay!
>I'm here for you!

>...No, wait!
>Why did you become the girl all of a sudden!?

>(Welcome back)

>...With scares like that, it wouldn't be strange at all to keep clinging to your partner...
>(That was spooky as hell...)
>Knowing Kazu-nee's acting skills, there's no way she didn't succeed!


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>Rather than blushing,
>(Kept falling down from being scared ->)
>he's white as a sheet...

>...Sorry, Kazuki-san.
>I was pretty pathetic back there.

>I'm glad that the person I went in with...
>Was you, Kazuki-san.
>(You back is very soothing...)

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>Damn it!
>(Kazuki: Complete failure!!)

>So weak!
>Too bad for you...
>Next, it's my turn!

>Sidebar: As expected, Mikadono Kazuki got flustered easily. The battle continues for the other two...

Thanks for reading!

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