Hajime no Ippo 1394


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>Martinez desperately holding onto his boxing stance, still in denial over the match that is about to unfold

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>did the boy with the brain damage....tell him to do this?

Oh n-

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ricardobros... we've still got this, right?

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Its over...

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Is this match going to end with Wally dying of exhaustion because his idea of boxing is a constant sprint

finished, lmao at sendo's face
wolicoin is skyrocketing right now

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I fucking love this series.

This is Aoki level of tomfoolery

Thanks OP
Woli is still getting mogged

>The shitty meme character managed to land a hit on Ricardo when Date got completely demolished by him
What a joke.

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This, I don't know how Morikawa can get me back on the hype train like this.

Memes aside Woli is way more talented than Date was even if you forget the dumb shit he pulls off

>Didn't even manage to cut him
Woli bros we literally accomplished nothing but waste a trick

this might as well be a frog punch or whatever the fuck it was called