Who is the most unattractive Mangaka/Author

Who is the most unattractive Mangaka/Author

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Maybe on the inside. This dude is Geoffrey Dahmer.


This man must be stopped

Why do you care about looks as a man? Are you a girl?

We’re all little girls here user, we live our lives constantly on edge out of fear of encountering people like tsukushi and the things he would do to us

I just want to laugh at some freaks user. Freaks like this guy

>get to the bottom of the abyss
>at the bottom there is a portal that isekais you to Tsukushi's bedroom and turns you into a plushie

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Anno, Oda and Tappei

The good ending

I saw a stream where he showed a headless silicone BUST of a KS (dressed with KS outfit) which he with obvious irony addressed as "material and model for his studies"
He's unhinged and fearless

Assuming there is one that is. user... the anime/manga industry is not driven by the beauty of those who work to make it happen.


me when I make it


Haruba Negi

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I legitimately can't get into MiA because of this dude's creepiness. No, I can't separate the art from the artist entirely.

>furry pedoshit

this unironically but me

Is make all non virgin whores to suck this guy

separating the art from the artist is a meme, the artist can subtly subvert you through his work so you have to stay vigilant

I’d make them all to be impregnated by him. The first one to complain would be ripped apart by five horses. She’s be tied to the stallions’ horse cocks and we’d see what givers first, five foot long horse cocks or one whore

All non married non virgins will taste his cock for the great works he’s given the world.

a god among men

I’ll seperate you from your spinal cord like the predator because you both look like a pussy

these violent fantasies are without a doubt induced by consuming too much hollywood production, you need to cut down on that