One piece

I miss Wano

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no one posted in ur therad jej

I did fuck you

I very much enjoyed Wano, it has it's flaws sure, but its definitely top 5 for me.

Based hope Sphinx/Elbaf/God Valley/whatever will be even better

I don't, wano wasn't as awful people say, but the best part of one piece is when the story is moving and not when Luffy is landing his 234748 attack on Kaido


Inb4 Koby becomes the tenth titanic captain as a gag

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Luffy became a Gary Stu this arc

Post Cute and Canon

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We love Bonney here

How? He literaly lost 4 times to Kaido and failed multiple times trying to learn haki


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Love Boa Hancock

Lines up with my theory. Sanji will fight Devon and finally become a real man by beating a woman's ass. The fight will play out like this, Sanji will refuse to fight at first and get manhandled. During the fight Devon's fanclub will gradually become enamored by him, at which point Devon will take one of them hostage and threaten to kill her as a form of torture to Sanji. He will then grow a pair and kick her ass to save a woman's life before making his final quip of the series about how Devon is no woman

You captured every good part of it.

has this broad said anything after being so utterly destroyed? i demand a follow up

If we forgave the asspull, would you like Gear 5?

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they will be now

Losing fights doesn't disqualify you from being a Gary Stu. He's a Stu because everyone sucks his dick and the plot bends to his will.

At least it's the bottom one so you can just cover it with Sunny

I liked it, anyway.

you dont know what you are talking about

Which character would you focus on during sex?

>cover it with Sunny
no franky is already on there dude

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Retconning 25 years of history is the biggest asspull in anime/manga history.

fuck off revisionist

One Piece chapter 1059 spoilers
Brief summary from Etenboby

Chapter 1059 Captain Koby’s Case

There's a flashback involving Yamato and why she decided to stay behind

New Pacifista model is call Seraphim, they are (big)children with white hair, brown skin and black wings. All of them don't look the same (unlike Kuma pacifistas)

Blackbeard attacked Amazon Lily amidst the Marine Invasion, he wants Hancock’s power. His new bounty is 3.996 billion

Hancock turned most of the invaders(including Devon and Vasco) into stone. Her new bounty is 1.659 billion

Rayleigh halted the conflict, like Shanks at Marineford

Blackbeard knows Koby from Rocky port incident, in which Koby “helped” Blackbeard in defeating Wang Zhi(former Rocks pirate), and that made Teach the boss of pirate island

Koby is abducted by Blackbeard pirates

From redon-

Red Hair Pirates take Marco near Sphinx Island (Whitebeard's homeland). Marco is leaving the ship at the beginning of the chapter to fly towards Sphinx Island. It's a funny part.

Shanks asks Marco to join his crew but Marco refuses


Blackbeard is a secret SWORD agent.

I love Gear 5 even with the asspull
Would’ve been perfection without it

Get off Oda's cock

ya there was no reason to change the fruit, rubber awakening being toonforce would have been just fine. there was no reason to force a gay sun god into it aside from all the "dawn" references oda hamfists whenever he can

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Law piece, true protagonist of post-TS OP.

I like gear 5 and people who don't want Edge Piece.

what revisionist? I liked the arc not saying that everyone loves it

But nothing. Fuck Oda and his shit writing

i fucking hate berry inflation

>get toon powers, warp reality
>Oda promised to try to make Luffy defeat Kaido without just a stronger punch

>Luffy defeats Kaido by punching him with a really big fist

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will oda ever address the fact that ace never actually promised yamato shit?

the world government
purportedly our endgame villain
you would want your endgame villain to appear imposing, intelligent, not easily beat
and yet
they only exist as a powerscaling tool to imply strength on the part of pirates
can the world government get a SINGLE w that isn't marineford? doesn't seem likely. even the w at marineford ended up making the wg look weak cuz 'oh no two yonko we better stand down'

It makes sense that the people that hate Gear 5 also don't know basic English. If they did they would know what a retcon is after all.

Easy, she will cover her with Carrot

hisoka was the protagonist all along

>this arc
how about when his grandpa the greatest marine ever was revealed?

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Tama? The most erotic member of the strawhat pirates

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cope and seethe. I bet you call oda GODa

>everyone sucks his dick
Did Nami not just put him in a cage for being a retard?

>Me and Luffy have to figure out something
>Luffy doesn't figure out shit. He just gets BTFO and given Gear 5.

The Yamato flashback feels out of place.
Seems like Oda or at least his editors took notice of the backlash over the shitty writing and are trying to clear it up now.

>Feels out of place
Because it doesn't exist.


The Yamato part isn't confirmed by Redon.

Nah I think Yamato staying was always planned. It’s just that he didn’t have enough time to include her actual reasons for staying, so he put it in a flashback

He did. She didn't join.
She also ordered the beast pirates around after the raid,.I think he's setting up something here...

>trusting the wannabe eceleb's spoilers