What sort of skills would you wish to learn in isekai

What sort of skills would you wish to learn in isekai

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>2 non-shit threads in a row
actually impressive

sexo skills

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I haven't fapped today yet so I really want to be a shapeshifter and turn into all sorts of monsters to ravish fair maidens.

I was the one who made these two threads and these are the first two threads I ever made since nobody seemed to be baking.

Stupid demon lords.

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No. Its me the LOYAL Childhood Friend Poster. And the one posting Maseki Gurume stuff last thread desu

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Can be the best girl.

explosive thighs

She's adorable

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Time manipulation magic and shadow magic.
So I can hide in shadows and sleep as much as I want.

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which is weird, normally when anyone that isn't the usual person makes a thread he goes full meltdown because he wants to be the only one to be making threads

Nah, that's usually me pretending to be OP

I kneel

Maybe he isn't around right now. Usually I notice he's only very active during weekends or maybe taking a break.

I myself took a long break from here last August

>Future wisdom road users now are trained killers from the moment they're born
I wonder if nobody expected something like that

The power to be an Ajin.

Ignore this since he explained himself just now desu

Its not like all of them will access those specific set of memories. Mize didn't access all the ones she can yet.

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Someone needs to write the brat slayer who gets his cheat ability "lvl 10 correction" and subdues haughty heroines, demonlords and goddesses alike.

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The current one should have all the bedroom skills of previous generations right?

Villainness tamer?

Yes. Mize herself said in the novel that she had seen the memories of one of her ancestors affair with a knight which she implied she took a peak at the sex as well.

>"Recording the Hero's Journey in Another World"
>amateur filmmaker mc gets isekai'd to become the hero's scribe, but instead of writing about her adventures he decides to make a documentary instead
>at the end he returns to his world and posts the film online but everybody thinks everything in it are just special effects and cgi so he kills himself

>You will never be comforted by a nude gorgeous saintess
Why even live?

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Is "pushing all the work of the group on one guy and not acknowledging he does anything" really such a common occurrence in japan that thousands of different authors write about the same thing? In my experience the people who did that would always try to be as friendly as possible with the nerd who worked on the project, so they can keep leeching off him in the future as well.
Or is it some kind of phenomena where despite working the same amount, everyone thinks they've done all the work compared to the rest?


>All these tavern building, resturant building, kingdom building isekai
>no fitness center isekai
Just imagine teaching hot fantasy monstergirls the joy of exercising and observing them in fantasy gym-wear.

Yes she is

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Without computers and phones they are probably exercising enough without the need of gyms. Unless they are nobility, of course.

Interesting fetish. Perhaps you can provide a plotline for the imagination fren.

People like you usually pursue gym thots instead of reading isekai webnovels so there just isn't an audience.

There is a huge difference between the body shaped by physical labor and the one shaped by intentional exercise and nutrition.

This deer goes hard for Yueyue after this. I wonder if the webtoon will be graphic about the deep deer tongue kisses.

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Are there any isekai series that actually try to do something unique with their worldbuilding? It feels like so many series aren’t just copies of the whole generic Dragon Quest world, they’re copies of the copies of the copies of that world. They just plug in the cliches of the world without even trying to figure out how they’d apply in practice.

>deep deer tongue kisses.
Spoilers user. Also, I don't think so. Again, the manga is being heavily censored and the story changed a lot.

The none dragon quest ones are those that focus on slow life, actively trying to avoid the dragon quest cliche plots or those with a single minded purpose like having sexo with girls

Sekkaku Cheat is fairly unique.