Post a character with out posting them and other anons guess who they are

It's sad how he turned into such a goul.

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the annoying fag in shiki?

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>michael jackson
Fuckin who? I have no idea who it could be.

Either Jango from One Piece or Muzan.

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Michael Jackson, easy

>likes little boys
Donovan from berserk.
A punk in the desert? It's desert punk. Easy.
That's a green cube, I don't know.
thundershit fantasie lady

Easy one.

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not exactly a character

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>>likes little boys
Wrong on both accounts

That's actually not who I had in mind, but good guess

a tripfag?

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Violence Jack


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mmo whale character

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i was thinking of jojo in general but once i posted it i also thought of gil so i guess it's correct

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