One piece

When are we getting Jinbe’s toast on the Sunny?

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Fuck Kozuki Oden

When Yamato comes back.

When THAT MAN makes his move

Yamato is pregnant with Oden's grandchild

When Carrot shows herself.

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If Yamato is this chapter, a flashback would make zero fucking sense in the middle of all other shit that is happening, I am dropping this manga. Yes, this character broke me. Luffy and Zoro being sad she did not join will piss me off
Thanks for reading my blog.

What's your flashback tier list?

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I'm only going by what Rodent has confirmed. Everyone's a fraud but this attention whoring faggot.

Carrot and Yamato were both created by editors.

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Oh nyo

Oda's daughter cried that her OC didn't join

Oda’s daughter’s favorite character is Hancock though.

Confirmed fake by the guy himself.

that's why she didn't get raped


Kyros son in law

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cancelled in rush piece

skypiea has one of the best flashback. Fuck you if you think otherwise

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Carrot predates Naito, retard. He came on during the assassination.

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Oda has two daughters

we know Oda
>captcha JRMAW

Proof of that Yamato claim?

So the Coby shitposters were just Namifags seething about Boa?

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So the Yamato posters didn't actually go anywhere at all. They were here all along, lurking just beneath the surface, waiting for just another hint of their character. Absolutely disgusting...

He came on during the forest, suspiciously also when Carrot started being featured far more prominently.


Blackbeard recruits Coby
He will also recruit Law..

These threads have always reeked of desperation, whether it's Yamafags, Carrotfags, Zorofags & Sanjeets seething over each other, etc.

When Caribou gets his toast, Jinbe will get one as well

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Of course we are
We were here before Yamato even appeared and will continue to be here

Did you think otherwise? It was pretty obvious.

Why is Blackbeard immune to Hancock?

>new bounty is 4 billion
I told you stupid faggots he was getting a massive jump offscreen

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What about her (him) ?

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Post Cute and Canon

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D's are immune to female pheromones

I love Sandersonia!!

is it that time again?

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Cody is a good guy. Don't bully him.

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Ds are only attracted by other Ds.

>Law is more important than Kid


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No one reading one piece ever goes anywhere

Wtf I thought gay guys could still be affected

I want Katakuri to sit on my face.

>Luffy will save koby
>He will join as the final Nakama for a callback that Koby was the first friend Luffy made on the sea
Its so obvious at this point

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Why does current Oda lack complete self-awareness?

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Nah, were getting god valley v2. This time with a shittier marine.

>just abandon your dream of being an admiral

Too long on WBs ship

Only one worthy of Luffy

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Imagine being this schizophrenic about a children’s story and the goofy dog girl

Why would I leave? Yamato won

What the fuck happened in Rocky Port? Who was allied with who?

No, I mean the Yami Yami.

Coby is cute?

He deserves better
I'm fine with either result being honest

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The fact that we haven't seen Carrot in 3 chapters feels incredible suspicious

It's been 25 years.

>Joins with Luffy so that they can fight against the current corrupt Marine system

>we were always here we always believed that Yamato's joining
>gets btfo by the chapter
>fake leaks appear
>get btfo by the redon's leak
>fake leaks appear
Know your place Yamadogs

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We underestimated Law

He's a D.

Too big and fishy

>You didn't actually think we were leaving Wano, did you?

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Why? She went back to Zou.