Anime file size sweetspot

So I just started downloading some recommended anime series, haven't really watched much since the "Cool Japan" toonami era from my childhood but want to get back into it all.
Here is my problem, torrents range wildly for a series, it could be 3gb or 20+Gb and unlike basic films I have no point of reference on what the sweetspot is, so... whats your recommended size for an average anime episode?

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Storage space and net speed are no longer an issue. If your 30 minute anime episode isnt 500gbs, its trash.

About 2G/ep is the sweet spot for most transparent BD encodes. Higher for grain, a lower if it's been rescaled correctly. DVDs and LDs look bad no matter what so don't sweat them too much.

ah thank you for the informative answer sir!

My recommendation is to stop being poor.

>2g x per episode
>Series has 100+ episodes
A gig is fine. Anything else is bloat and thinking storage tech is big enough to say it's not an issue is enabling bloat.

What a stupid brainlet consoomer comment, If I have 8 TB HDD for films I can make good use of that and effectively not have space be a concern by simply aiming for a sweetspot in size/quality or I can download 100gb a pop 4K films.
Absolute state of people like you.

Just download the 720p versions, the human eye cannot see more than 720p and anyone telling you otherwise is coping because they bought a dozen hard drives to store all their 4K anime and they're subconsciously regretting it

Most TV anime isn't even made in 1080p, it's literally just upscaled.

Some older anime doesn't encode well because of the film grain from the master. Or sometimes it has lossless flac audio for the sake of being a high quality "archival" release. There's often re-encodes that will take those high quality but bloated releases and turn them into something more reasonable. You can always re-encode them yourself i you feel that they are too egregious.

1 Goribyte for anime made before the 90's, 100 Goribytes for anime made later. We all know anime is made with those standards in mind.

this, but make it 1080p

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This but 1440p

>the human eye cannot see more than 720p
What the human eye can see depends on not only the resolution but also the size of the screen and how far away from it you are. You can definitely tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on a TV once you start getting up into the 40"-50" range. 4K on the other hand is a meme outside of computer monitors being viewed at short distances. Pic related are the maximum distances that a human with 20/20 vision can discern the full resolution of a screen of a given size.

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Anime episodes are usually like 300MB.

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>read posts from 4 million posts ago
What did he mean by this?

Pretty much anything you'll download will look better than old 720p overcompressed nonsense you'd get on kissanime or some other site. Now that those sites offer 1080 that's less true, but still, you almost can't go wrong no matter what you download. But if you want to go for the sweetspot. I'd say around 600mb per episode. Most stuff will look great at 200mb+ and lots of stuff will look at least good at 100mb, but you can notice flaws at that point. Starting at around 600mb per episode should be the point where normal people stop seeing the difference. Only real connoisseurs and pretentious twats consistently claim to see the difference above that

I do this. Not sure if I believe the human eye claim but 720p is still watchable for me and if it keeps filesizes down then why not?

is this true sirs? is 600mb really the cut off for non-autists?


200-300mb 720p, if it is 1080p it could weigh up to 1.5gb or 700mb.