Unexpected influences in anime

For me, it's the sheer amount of influence that Kamen Rider Ryuki had on everything that came out after it. Everything from Fate/Stay Night to Madoka and any other dark battle royale after the year 2002 you can think of can be traced back Ryuki in one way or another.

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>Hate Ryuki's protag because he's a massive pussy that lets civilians and other riders die while having power to intervene but not understanding the responsibility of it.
>he winds up dying like a faggot in the end
I'm just glad Madoka was far more tolerable in this aspect because at least I can agree with her not accepting the mascot cat's faustian deal until the very end.

For me, it's Gunbuster very blatantly lifting stuff out of Forever War.

Somewhat off topic, but where can I watch Kamen Rider if I don't wanna download it. I've actually been pretty interested in watching Ryuki lately.

If you want official subs you can catch a couple of the early series from both the Showa and Heisei era on Shoutfactory's website. Specifically the Tokushoutsu page. They will have the Original KR, Kuuga, Ryuki, and Zero One. I recommend Kuuga personally.

Don't know of any other sites but you might want to try Toei's tokusatsu youtube page as I think they have subbed series available as well but it might just be select episodes.

If you live in Canada or the US, you can watch Ryuki on TokuSHOUTsu for free. You can also try out Kamen Rider Amazons on Amazon Prime or wait a few months for Black Sun to come out. Otherwise you're shit out of luck and you'll have to download.

I'd prefer J-subs desu, raws are fine too, but I'll check out the sites you mentioned. Hopefully they're available where I live. Thanks

Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu in general is some of the earliest fiction kids in Japan experience and helps shape a lot of their early childhood. Which Urobuchi puts quite nicely in an interview he did almost ten years ago:

>It's tokusatsu stuff like Kamen Rider and Ultraman that serve as starting points for children of all generations, and through that starting point they expand their views to include more stories, and that position as a starting point is a proud and extremely important one.

And these kids who grow up and end up working in creative fields like anime production or writing and so on, they bring these things with them.

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>Faiz getting completely ignored by the kid

Explain Ryuki's influence to someone who has knows nothing about Kamen Riders, I'm interested.

To this day, one of the greatest Battle Royale shows, and the first time they truly had "Evil" Kamen Riders. For example, Kyoko in Madoka was also based on one of the characters, pic related, but he couldn't go all the way due to the Aoki Ume designs.

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People make contracts with creatures in order to get powers and have to constantly fight monsters who live in a parallel world in order to feed the beasts they have made contracts with or else they get eaten instead. There are 13 Riders total who fight in a parallel world that normal humans can't enter and they have to fight until there's only one left so they can get their wish granted. They are also stuck in a time loop.

It isn't exactly like Madoka, but you can see where Madoka pulled some concepts from and twisted others to create its setting.

the fact that pretty much everything otaku oriented is made in the wake of a handful of super influential galge made in the mid/late 90s

I can see what you mean. Like the modern -dere archetypes and the whole romcom/harem genre which came from anime studios not wanting to commit to a single route due to time and budget limitations so they just blended all of them into one incoherent mess. Amagami did it perfectly in my opinion.

I remember reading an interview for Hibike Euphonium, where director Yamada cited old live action art movies like The Color of Pomegranates and Death in the Country as aesthetic influences.

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It's probably hearsay but I do think it's funny that the Japanese are still butthurt over the time some Spanish merchants armed with rapier absolutely humiliated trained samurai and to this day, rapier users will always job

Drive is an underrated KR season.

I thought everyone LOVED Drive?

The original concept for F/SN came from a draft of a LN Nasu wrote in high school. We don't know anything about Nasu's age but that must have at least been in the 80's or early 90's.

He's something like well over 40, so should be during the early 90ies.

Urobuchi's career has been one attempt at copying Ryuki after another

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is better

>saint seiya sanctuary arc influenced the WHOLE shonen genre
And some say it's a non-american anime.