Happy Birthday to Kururun, one of the cutest fairies ever.
Also Delicious Party episode summaries and titles are out plus info on the movie.

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Do you have the movie form pictures

The DPs and their fairies are getting movie exclusive forms.
What's your opinion on them?

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I like it all but Finale shouldn't have downgraded herself to a lower dessert.

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I wish they weren't movie exclusive

They're really really cute.

Clearly, pudding turned out to be the superior dessert.

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They all look like garbage, except RanRan. Spicy particularly offends me. Way to ruin her amazing color scheme.

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The reason the parfait is the king of desserts is because it can absorb everything else

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what's this power up called

Okasama Lunch Dress


>Finale's new form

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Ran > Yui > Kokone > Amane
Pamupamu > Komekome > Menmen

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Your daughter got mercilessly absorbed

An user posted the next episode summaries and titles here
It looks like Yui is finally going to be getting an episode again.

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You might not know this but that's based on a real thing you can eat

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DP really should have crossed over with Kira.

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Hinata is a miracle of the Precureverse

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I'll believe it when it happens, I'll gladly be the user DP btfo if it means Yui will get an episode

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Spectacular taste

I wonder what a person that does graffiti and also watches Precure would be like.

>Pamu has brown hair while transformed

Wtf, that's illegal

they look just like you and I