Consider the Bird

Consider the Bird.

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The bird is the word.

Season 3 when?

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Not soon enough

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After the next OVA.

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Too bad the prequel chapters were never made into an OVA. Birdy's adventures before going to Earth could be a great series.

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I like how they made here muscular without being too butch. She's like a gymnist or a pole vaulter.

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Modern manga Birdy had erect nipples (well, understandble since she has to feel cold all the time) but the original will always have more soul and better hair

The remake manga version of Birdy is the worst one. She's too much of a ditz. OVA is the right combination of attractive and competent.

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I know man. Sucks that she's stuck in the worse show.

The OVA is a top-tier 80's action movie with cyberpunk overtones. It's a hidden jem, but I do wish there was more to the story after the first four episodes.

It's way past 80s, it was made in like 1996. A daying breed around those years.

The 80ss lasted until like 1997 in Japan, and the OVA feels very much like an 80s series, regardless of when it was made.

I love that she has basically the glam metal version of a hime cut.

Well, it's a Kawajiri OVA, but you can see the style changed a bit and resembles other 90s OVAs or anime.
There isn't that extreme emphasis on color palete, that was so characteristic in Wicked City, Demon City Shinjuku, Cyber City Oedo.
Doesn't mean that there was no 80s Kawajiri in it anymore, I!m not trying to say that.

does she go in heat tho

Only Decode Birdy has any sort of love interest. In the remake manga Birdy flat out tells a character that she's not interested in romance. I always thought it made sense for those instincts to be engineered out of her as a super soldier.

I'd say the moodiness and darker themes are pure 80s, even if the character designs are more 90s

Yeah but then you get school setting bits, "hehehe what if funny dad walks in on nude Birdy" joke. Alien that gets defeated by dishwashing soap. It's a bit lighter in places, too.

Both of those were from the original 80s manga.

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well true, but Kawaijiri OVA wouldn't do those back then. Although, could be choice of topics and he would do it had they adapted the manga in say 1989