>still managed to be cool

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He was weak as fuck

Rest in piece bro

Are they going to split the episodes such that animeonlies think that the PDL armour is actually a threat for week?

Of course he is a threat, he kills Ainz.

>ainz will relegate the nobles to unending torture
>will do the same to the nobles' families
Woah what the fuck ainz is evil?!

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No, Eclair Ecleir Eicler kills Ainz.

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Since Ainz is dead do you think I can inherit the Sorcerer Kingdom if I marry Albedo?

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It baffles me how some people still dickride Ainz.

The nobles are so fucking retard to think surrendering was not tried, and that they would somehow get out of anything by giving the head of the prince. Even the kings head was not enough, and I am sure at least some rumor must have made the rounds to them.

Ainz is cool.

Based ugly bastard being the only competent chad in the kingdom who actually gave a fuck.

Moralfags btfo once again.
Rapechads also get a taste of victory with the witch girl who really deserves to be raped 24/7.

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Black scripture guy had same haircut as Clementine. Siblings maybe?

He's the so called literally me character

>Drop of Red

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I loved when Ainz mentioned Neuronist and Albedo just smiled.

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>No mare
He didn't get best girl(boy)

I still think about this guy when I look at Eclair. I remember his voice because of the Pleiades series but I still imagine him having Crump's abridged voice.

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Desperation. They had to try something other than fighting which was certain death. If anything they shoudlve ran as fast as far as possible. Not that it woudlve helped them.

>KĊichi Madanbashi is a high schooler who possesses Hi-ERo particles, which are used as an energy source for the robot Daimidaler. He obtains these particles by groping females and uses them to power up the robot in order to fight penguin-shaped robots from the supposedly evil Penguin Empire.
You posted the wrong show.

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The Nobles betraying Zanac was really distateful.
Of course he'd send them to Neuronist.
As for the talk between the two, it's plain to see what it means to be "Extreme Evil".
Zanac has more backbone than Ainz, clearly.


Been reading some stuff later and it mentions the princess killing everyone in the orphanage. Didnt pestonya and nigredo pleaded Ainz to not kill them?

Did the armor gave him anything? Cause sad to see he didnt took anyone down

He will kill the entire army and capital. Seaside city is still spared

The armor does stuff. I think it made you regen better or have no fatigue or something. It's not super relevant to him.

They have incompatible morality.
Possibly due to one being a living human and the other an unfeeling skeleton.

Do we have any close ups for Frost virgins? They can be seen from the distance, but they are too far away to see anything other than them being white and creating blue frosty mist

RIP fatty
Does Ainz like him enough to revive him later on?