Mushoku Tensei

The GRANDFATHER of isekai
The GREAT ANCESTOR of isekai
The show that saved fantasy anime as we know it.
The AOTY of 2021.
Will make it's return in 2023.
What are you looking forward to the most from S2?

Also recent news: LN vol 26 confirmed to come out this year which means MT main story will officially be considered finished and then next year we're getting redundancy.

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>What are you looking forward to the most from S2?
When it ends.

looks like hentai ngl

Shut the fuck up zoomteen

You’re in for a minimum 10 year ride. That’s how long it will take to adapt everything up to vol 26. You’re not getting off the MT train that easily. I thank god every day we are able to witness the coming of golden age of anime all thanks to Mushoku Tensei.

>more men than women
>immediately thinks of porn

yes the small fat dwarf and the monkey faced man turn me on beyond belief, how did you know

I think he meant he's an Erisfag, or he still doesn't know that we're getting Begarit in S2.

That dwarf is gay but unironically. No really, so good for you I guess.

>gay dwarf
I will now watch your shitty isekai ln adaptation

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is the manga adaptation any good? still working through the light novel

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On which vol?
Also manga is trash. There's a reason slime isekai blew up because it had a good manga adaption meanwhile MT's manga adaption is like pic related(none of pic related actually happens in the LN btw)

It's only 'decent' for novel readers who already know what happens and want fanservice and especially Sylphy fanservice.

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>especially Sylphy fanservice
No wonder it's trash.

hmm, not really my style

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Should I read the LN from the beginning or start from where the anime left off?

The start because the Paul reconciliation scene was subpar in the anime, they butchered Eris's PoV too

Yeah, that's reason enough to read it from the beginning. Going through the demon continent again will be painful though.

>slime isekai blew up because it had a good manga adaption
it's pretty fucking shit and skips too much, which caused multiple plot holes already
it just has good art, which the MT one also has, what's the problem here?

I really enjoyed rereading just about all of the content in S1, which is unusual for me. I especially enjoyed the beginning which gave more attention to the mechanics of magic and Rudy's graduation was much better. It was what followed S1 that was hard to get through, and I'm not sure if I would have stuck to it if I had jumped in at that point.

The demon continent journey with Eris up to them coming back home was the only time period of MT that's good though.

That's good to hear. I'm looking forward to reading the beginning as well. It really got me excited in the anime and gave a great fantasy vibe overall. There's a lot of catching up to do though. I'll take my sweet time.
I thought it was all great but the initial period of demon continent was a bit dry for me. Like when they are trying to earn money in the city etc.