Tfw no kitsune mother-wife

>tfw no kitsune mother-wife

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>tfw no kitsune onee-itoko

>tfw no mother-wife
Literally no reason to even exist

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I want to make daughter-sister-wives with that fox.

Senko was a good girl, it's a shame what happened to her

Forever relegated to gacha shit. Poor girl.

senko hug

>be cuddling with senko-san
>fox-waifu starts crying
>"you'll just leave me for the next seasonal waifu"
>swear I won't
>"how can i believe you?"
>imma make you into a mother
>wake up
>wtf, not even interested in senko-san

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>impregnating her first and then leaving

kitsune thread?

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it is now.

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The other one is gone so yeah.

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Imagine grooming a little fox

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Onaho NEET fox.

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