TV: yuribait to the max

>TV: yuribait to the max
>Movie: pretends the girls were always straight as an arrow
Why do KyoAni do this? Could it be that rules for film and TV are different when it comes to yuri couples and they can't even have yuribait?

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Yuribait is a shitpost word just like hard shounen.

Tamako market was not yuribait at all.

watched at nighttime by gross otaku
watched by normie couples

But Midori had the hots for Tamako.

Sasuga, best studio....

Liz and the Blue Bird has an implied lesbian love confession at the end

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the only reason the hibikek anime has "yuri" is because Yamada just added it in to troll /u/fags epic style

She was rejected. Obviously the ending is open for interpretation, whether or not they actually started having a real relationship, or they understood that they're just friends.

Still doesn't have anything concrete, not even a kiss or holding hands.

Yuriniggers deserved to be fleeced of their shekels. Based KyoAni confirming normal(straight) ships in their movies to make c/u/cks seethe harder.

Subverting expectations isn't inherently good, but telling a good story is

>Why do KyoAni do this?
Because everyone working there is straight but love yuri. It goes like this:
>first 23 episodes
>final episode or movie time
>ok guys, now it's time to work for real, let's start working on the design of the feMC's boyfriend

They rightfully cut out the boring tripe with wiener boy from Hibike until they had to introduce it. Tamako Market wasn't yuribait.

Kill yourselves, electionn tourists.

Thank You Based Kyoani!

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Movies are for normalfags. Rebuilds proved this.

ridiculous hibike is not a fucking yuri nor tamako

The Rebuilds are arguably more normalfag-filtering than the series, the storytelling is very eccentric
The only thing is that they lack the Kaworu gay shit I guess

And all the characters in hibike and tamako are hetero

All Yuri lovers needs a psychiatrist

I don't like it, therefore it's bait. Only my preferences are authentic.