Ayako's weight gain storytime

Ayako's weight gain storytime

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>fat OL
Built for buchou cock.

This is disgusting, keep going.

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a true masterpiece of fiction

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Who enjoys this sort of thing?

James Bond

Definitely not me, that's for sure

Honestly the main reason I don't like weight gain is that it generally start from there and go to inhumanly fat.
I still don't think that the end result is hot but for once the process is kinda good in a degradation way.

somehow, me

>check out artist
>he mainly does this and furry shit
They go hand-in-hand

>ending it just as it's about to get good
What a fucking tease

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Yeah, who could like this sor of stuff, its so weird haha...


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By the way, this is a deviantart story. Not actually Japanese.
Take it to /d/, friends.

so beautiful