The Anime Prominence Survey 2022 Results: How Well Does Any Forums Know Anime?

Is it accurate? rate fellow Any Forumsnons anime knowledge

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Wait, why is there so much shonenshit in the top 10? I thought we were against Shonen

>I thought we were against Shonen
half the board is shonen generals
old Any Forums is deadu

it's because the list is actually from leddit and OP is being a faggot

No way 60 people on Any Forums have seen Sally the witch.

>Azumanga Diaoh
being forgotten as days go by...
>Ashita Joe
already forgotten
people know it but few actually watch it.the pretentious memes are true

Gee, I wonder what this said before OP pasted Any Forums on top...

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kill yourself. im just happy Isekai is dying out.

how does Any Forums do it? even with all its faults it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above any other media board.

whats sally the witch

isekai is still alive

What a fucking disgrace and complete dishonor to yourself to watch KLK over TTGL.

60s shit, literal granny shit

Endro and FlipFloppers was popular here

It's a lot of shitposting posting

>Endro and FlipFloppers

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I'm shocked by some of those never heard of results, especially jujusu kaisen, you would think anybody with a slight interest in japanese works would keep track of what's in weekly jump even if they don't read any of it
madoka and gurren lagann too, actually i'm starting to suspect these results aren't actually from Any Forums, especially with those massive results for never heard of flip flappers

I wonder how many people who say they never heard of sally the witch actually did see it in witch watch just forgot they did

List is obviously from reddit but there's plenty of shonenfags on the board, shonen haters are just very loud about it in a way people who dislike other things aren't

Also surprised there's so many people that apparently watched the gacha madoka show but not the original, the other ones that had such results were all long runners but madoka is only 13 episodes long if you care enough to care about the spinoff you would think you would care enough for the roginal

>i'm starting to suspect these results aren't actually from Any Forums
gee what gave it away?

based list