fucking whore

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Every crew member except the captain.

Can anyone explain how Mirai was somehow madly in love with Sleggar after knowing him for about 2 episodes? Was it just because of his looks?

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It was a good slap

That's just what happens when you aren't a pussy like Bright or Kai.

Bright was too good for that bitch were the flesh-colored eyes what put them togeter?

How did a simpleton like her unlock her Newtype potential faster than Bright or Sayla?

Just you wait. Weird short romances that make no sense are a staple of the franchise.

But if you're in a war and going to die the next day of course you're going to YOLO and try to fuck the guy.

What kills me is Bright almost cheating on Mirai in ZZ.

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She's a newtype, she doesn't need time to develop feelings

Are you sure you're posting the right image? The image is Camille and Emma
Is it from a doujin or official manga?

It was a waste of time.
The side plots in gundam are godawful.

Zeta Gundam Define by Hiroyuki Kitazume

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From Zeta Define

>Shaak Ti
Why are Gundam women like this

Because they can't all be perfect like Haman.

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Wait you're telling me that you wouldn't fuck this absolute Alpha Male?

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everybody fucks indiscriminately in wartime

>Shaak Ti
she's just a child, and a very naive one
got fucked by cyber-newtype autismo, it wasn't as clear in the anime version but Tomino explained it in the novel
bellend hairstyle aside, nothing wrong with her

her suicide was rather dumb

>appears for 2 episodes
>steals the spotlight and is more memorable than most of the White Base crew
How did he do it?

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anything to kill that traitorous murderous whore recockroach

Especially this huge slut right here.

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Tomino really loved them short-haired girls huh