How would you spend your time with your waifu in isekai

How would you spend your time with your waifu in isekai

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Claune is the best and most LOYAL Childhood Friend

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Where did this trope of destroyed past civilization with mechs in nip writing came from?

If your waifu isn't listening what is the proper amount of force to beat her with?

like this

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Animated Mia!

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well "fantasy is actually sci-fi world" came about as early as Scrapped Princess and underwater Ray Ramano I think

they added mechs to it because that's what you do with sci-fi

Once a singularity latches onto your dick, there's no escape, just like you can't escape a black hole.
And there are TWO singularities chasing him, so we will have orbiting black holes action.

Yes meat

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Mechs were popular, and ancient civilization with advanced tech has been a popular thing for even longer. It's pretty simple to combine them together to give a source for your mechs being a past civilization.

Isekai is TRASH

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the destroyed high tech past civilization meme is ancient, its been around since the 60s at least in western media
the mech part is just an extension of japanese media

Follow Keyaruga's example and beat her with your second head

>futuristic setting

>mostly medieval setting
>most medieval historical narratives amount to "there was once civilization then there wasn't"

>sci-fi staple
>if there is none people will ask why

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first non-shit thread OP in what feels like months

>Dryad could potentially give birth to kot due to MC being mixed race.


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So is Sengoku Komachi the magnum opus of series where MC sides with some nation and helps to uplift them without being OP himself?

This is actually my first time doing this.

Since last year Ive just patiently waited for the subsidized bread.

I believe the oldest media I've consumed with that trope was the British 'The Sword of the Spirits' trilogy I read as a kid, but I don't know if it would have been known in Japan.
I think it also might have been my first exposure to NTR.

>I think it also might have been my first exposure to NTR.

pretty sure somewhere out there you will find some ancient myth about gods/aliens or about ancient-ancient civilizations that went to ruin

Really feels like the isekai aspect was kinda pointless. It just never gets brought up and the goddess doesn't show up again. Would have worked just as well if it was a standard fantasy with MC getting his skill as soon as he was born.

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Cute sulker

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>its been around since the 60s at least in western media
It's been around since fucking Greeks

Bully vampire meido cucking waifu

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Kinda just runs on the Renaissance historical narrative of the Middle ages where originally there was civilization and then it collapsed


Stop posting these shitty doodles.


The story is actually more of a homecoming since hes originally a native in that world and brought to Japan after his death. Also its also a story of him regaining his previous powers instead of being purely spoonfed

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Stacy cucking the nice girl is hot

Nevermind, just an user I'm trying to find to talk about a story he reccomended

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I hate that guy's face sooo much, also his head shape is weird.

yes forgive me user I didn't mean "higher tech than now" I meant high tech as in sci-fi

Which story

he does look like an NTRguy

The best part is FMC demanding she stop sucking her husbandos blood but bully meido doesnt even listen.

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Villain The Play of Destiny

His weird head shape is what makes him a main character.

he looks like he's using a flesh mask to hide his real face

I just want a story about molesting maids...

>Badly drawn
>Updated twice a year
>Axed after 20 chapters or so
It's a doodle. Get over it.


He's different from all the other mobs.

The MC was originally from that world.

His time in Japan was the isekai which is deservedly irrelevant. The title doesnt even state that its an isekai but him eating magic stones.

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It's more fatedynamic which lets him do more crazy shit

100% wool

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How about deranged maids willing to resort to kidnapping you

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Scales is still best girl though

>kicked out of party
>but actually isekai'd
>not a groomer, only saw party as daughterus and one precocious brat
>instead fuck hero's mom

>MC still thinks Hero is a boy in this world

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It's one guy who admitted in the previous threads that he only use that word to make people seethe. Just stop being triggered by it and he'll stop using it.

everything is trash BUT isekai

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Who would win?
>salaryman isekai'd with the weakest cheat
>underestimate guy kicked out of a party for having a weak but quirky skill

>kills you're own harem in you're path

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