Versailles no Bara

Is getting a new anime film project for the 50 year anniversary thoughts?

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Who the fuck cares

Who cares without old anime aesthetic or dezaki directing it, I won't watch it

Is it actually? Proof?

Without Dezaki's involvement, I'm not very hyped but I still gonna give it a chance.
Also, post your favourite Oscar expy.

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Source, you faggot

I wouldn't mind adaptations of her other works as well.

Look at the image you dumb fuck

Nta but i fucking kekd

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While I could go and say something stupid about >Muh Aesthetic, I am legitimately kind of scared to see how exactly they're going to translate the character designs into a more modern form. Antoinette's character design in OP's Pic related is kinda giving me a premonition. An eye-sparkle of doom per-say.
I predict a 6-7/10 still excited though

70s shoujo ga shinda! Mou inai.

hopefully they won't fuck up Oscar with modern gender cult BS.

Oscar is a woman who knows she's a woman.

the link on the picture

this art truly looks awful. there are tons of retro inspired anime artists online and yet they cant help but produce this trash?
clearly the anime industry is being strangled by their own cheapness and nepotism

great fucking link my guy

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And the twitter account is locked
Seems like OP got a leak

>tfw the leak was real
Based on this one piece of artwork, I’m digging the artstyle even though it’s not an exact replica of Araki/Sugino (only complaint thus far is the shading being too light). Oscar in particular looks very close to her anime counterpart.

My primary concern however is how it’s even possible to condense a sprawling epic like RoV into a movie. Outside of the compilation movie, the only other attempt to do that was the Demy movie, which was a mistake. I’m cautiously optimistic.

Dezaki only directed the second half of the anime. He was just a storyboard artist for the first half.

I see two outcomes from this movie:

Either it’s good and that increases interest in Ikeda adaptations, or it’s trash but raises awareness for both the manga and anime.

Either way, Ikeda fans win.

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It's a press release image leak from Weibo, so it's going to be announced sometime soon.

Both the Twitter and website were created in August.
The registrant blocked their identity though.

But it's probably Mappa animating it because we can't have nice things.

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Where's the bara?

Why do we get so many autists getting utterly bewildered by the leaks even though literally everything leaks before the reveal nowadays?

>Dezaki only directed the second half of the anime. He was just a storyboard artist for the first half.
And the second half is infinitely better than first one.

Fuck you user shut your mouth!!! Nooooooooo don't touch my Oscar bastard sellouts!

I shiver at the though of modern animation and VnB, there is no way it can't compete with the old series even if it's a passion project (it isn't)

They're everywhere in the pic

Honestly, but halves are equally good. The second half depends heavily on the first. Plus, Nagahama was always “proto-Dezaki” stylistically speaking and was something of a mentor to Dezaki.

Mappa would only be acceptable if Ikuhara was directing. Otherwise, other studios would probably be better.