They should have sex

They should have sex

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Yeah, with me


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So now she dropped her prices from 5000¥ to 4000¥

That's a bargain either way.

is this completed? every site says ongoing but last uploads are from 2020

nobody's translating it

That is why I am making these threads I hope some anons get motivated enough to finish it.
Cute baiku gals (:

>Latest Release(s)
>v.7 c.48 by brake cleaner about 1 year ago

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I'm with you, just don't make them every single day.

I didnt remember Hane being so adorable last time I read it

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fluffy hair

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Is this yuri?

Ill buy a Suzuki if it comes with a suzunoki

There is one side couple.

Raimu is bikesexual

cute pairing!

The principal will make her take responsibility anyway.

15 volumes and chapters still turning up in the magazine so a minimum of 16 volumes for the main series.

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Reminder that the butler canonically groped Onsa-chan

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