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Episode 8. What dark secret is Nabatame Haru hiding?

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She's a reincarnated idol from another world. She died in a car crash and her heart was used as a transplant to save another young girl there.

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Have Naoki and Kei (Hotaru) fucked yet?

I could have sworn there was an official art of Kyouka where you could just barely see her pantsu. Does anyone have it? I think it was by Buriki, and she was facing to the right.

Found it, it was in one of the art from the first LN.

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Is it finally time for Hyrain?

Isn't there another delay this week?

Delay starts next week.

Is Hotaru the Miki of Idolmaster? In terms of producer fucking.

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Feels like the DOBs are not correct here, thought Kyouka is older than Rio

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>first pokemon gen had already had a remake when they were born

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She can't see shit without her glasses and is just dancing blindly any time she's on stage. She'll have to start wearing her glasses all the time to unlock her full potential.

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Only if she keeps her braids on stage, too.

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That's what I am here for!

>contact lenses

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