Greatest comedy ever

Greatest comedy ever.

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without a doubt the hottest heroine in any anime series

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There are a lot of other comedies that are just as funny as this. Let me mention examples:
Musashi Gundoh
Valvrave the Liberator
Dai Shogun: Great Revolution
Divine Gate
King's Game: The Animation

Forgot to add Cross Ange which is on the same level. We don't often get these kinds of comedies on a seasonal basis.


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Cross Ange is a comedy but it's not the same thing.
Cross Ange is still tongue in cheek and self-aware, but Guilty Crown and shit like Vulvarape and Another take themselves 100% seriously.

Space vampires are cute

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>take themselves 100% seriously.
Do you have autism by chance?

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And this

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these 2 made me realize how shit my friends' taste in media was

This shit made me quit anime for 5 years

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Sorry to hear your mental illness prevents you from enjoying a good comedy

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I am fully able to enjoy a good comedy, even more so than your average anime consumer, which is probably a mental illness itself. I just don't think of them as literature masterpieces

Gibiate too

Most media aren't literary masterpieces.

I suspect nobody claimed them to be 'literary masterpieces' so yeah you're just being an annoying little brat

I only mentioned it in the context of my friends' taste in media bros...


Do they actually claim that Code Geass is a literary masterpiece?

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