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Do you think BB will steal Luffy's Nika power?

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>The Flashback Scene for Yamato:
>Yamato changed her dream, that's why Luffy was mad. But Luffy still consider her one of the Straw Hats.
Denialkeks BTFOd

why would he, bb already has the n word pass

>Do you think Luffy will die?

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Wasn't her dream to go with Ace?

I assume the person needs to be dead, which makes little sense, because if white beard died then his fruit should have become one of the random ones from the island.
Unless we agree that he was still alive and was being fondled under that blanket

- (Cover page) Katakuri is mad at Oven

-BB has become very strong, and demonstrates his power. SSG no MATCH

- Boa has a brief flashback that's kinda sad

- BB is aware of who Koby is, and takes him for a reason

- There is no simple way to explain the Boa situation. Her fruit is special

- Shanks and Marco talk about the future. Marco still wants to do something.

- The new weapons created by the W.G. are strong, and a joke at the same time.

- Luffy considers Yamato to be a SH

- Most of the chapter is on Amazon Lily. BB is especially impressive, Boa is clearly strong.

-the chapter is quite long.

- The SHs are barely in it.

No break next week.

> Special snowflake Piece continues, bros

Her dream was to live free and explore the world like Oden did.

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user, we already know she would join the crew after she tours Wano.

BB stole Hancock's DF power but she survived .

>coby will be mindbroken into becoming blackbeard's 10th commander just to troll luffy

So she can do that with literally anyone at any time. If anything it's worse to follow Luffy since he's on the path Roger took, which Oden recorded.


Post Cute and Canon

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oda is saving jinbeis toast flashback because yamato had hers at the same time

i just want one (1) chapter without wano bullshit

Yes and Luffy will still win because Haki>everything else and Luffy will still come out ontop even without his super spedial destined chosen one fruit. over coming destiny

yamato is such a big deal that pic related, the OFFICIAL ARTIST OF AZUR LANE took his precious time to draw her for free (the artist commissions start at $800 for sketches)

thats how much of a big deal Yamato is

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Keep dreaming sand nigger

The Wano cuck bench.

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I want Katakuri to sit on my face

You had it the last one. Now shut the fuck up.

>neg diffs SSG
>runs away against Rayleigh
Pacifista = Warlord replacement
Rayleigh = Kizaru (Admiral)
Admiral > Warlord


>"Luffy considers Yamato to be a Strawhat"
>Literally none of them but Luffy even knew who she is when the battle was over

what's inside???

Just let Yamato rot on Wano ffs.

So, how many fruits did he steal already in all those years?


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can blackbeard host more than 3 fruits, seems random to want the mero mero fruit for himself unless it really does end up being a god zoan for medusa


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The final nakama is Uta who will join because she's going to marry Luffy

Rayleigh = swordsman
BB = Yonko

Mihawk > BB


alright gents, predict the next super special fruit

Why is Katakuri mad at oven?

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>artist draws fanart of character they like

He probably can. It'll be some chosen fruit asspull again because oda is a supreme hackmesiter general.

Yep, I can see it. Oda trolled us with the typical chosen one DF bullshit and will subvert it into, you do not need that, if you work hard, you succeed.

akainu has the hito hito no mi model: hades

Oven's power + gas = explosion. Last 2 covers were Katakuri's future sight

For jobbing against fucking Ceasar. I would be malding too

Oda forgot to make Luffy and Marco link up in the past 200 chapters LMAO.

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Oda has openly stated his intentions to make Luffy's future fights goofy.
So no, he's not going to lose what makes him goofy, and we don't need to make the fights even more boring that they are right now

Ulti's sister is smoking hot

>Oven uses his heat powers around Caesar's gas
>the fucking building, island and everyone gets nuked

I made this image 2 years ago and can't believe it's true now.

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You can be goofy without DF.

New spoiler:
Yamato has the same illness as Roger and is dying.

You're using smiley as your basis when he wasn't organic and evaporated instantly
WB's corpse was still fresh and its possible DF's stay in the body a little after death
It's not like you can die, get resuscitated and you're DF somehow left your body while you were dead for a minute

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confirmed by drumz

>Luffy seething because Yamato didn’t join
>meanwhile not a single SH remembers Carrot exists

touch grass incel

No he didn't. Stop believing every fake leak.

Just did, what now?

at which chapter can we pinpoint Oda's writing just going to shit?